Monday, June 18, 2012

Federal Magistrate Gary Jones of Gainesville Federal Court Called Me "A Lawyer" But I Am NOT a Lawyer and I Have NEVER Told ANYONE I Am "A Lawyer;" I am NOT A Lawyer Because I Have Autism

Last week, a Federal Magistrate Hon. Gary Jones, in my case Petranos v. Old Republic, N.D.Fla. No. 1:12-cv-00086-SPM-GRJ, made very wrong delusional factual findings that I am "a lawyer" licensed by the California Bar.

I have NO idea what "facts" the Federal Magistrate "found" that would have indicated such an irrational thing.

I just want to say it AGAIN, as I have many, many times before: I am NOT a licensed lawyer anywhere.

I have NEVER told ANYONE I am "a lawyer."

I was denied my California bar admission after passing the July 1997 California Bar examination because I have Autism.

I was never accorded the same legal rights as others to have an actual Court as defined in California's state Constitution review my case for correctness.

Again: I am NOT "a lawyer."

I am Autistic. Autistic people are not allowed to become "a lawyer" in California or Florida.

~ Mary Katherine Day-Petrano

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