Friday, July 6, 2012

Declaration About My Autism and Being Abused By Magistrate Gary Jones Who Is Hurting Me Because I am Autistic

My marriage with my Husband is being infringed right now - this is because of the false accusations being made against my Autism by Magistrate Gary Jones and Gina Smith. I declare under 28 USC Sec. 1746 Ona Olasante (or Colasante, as she  was called several names, as well as "Om," "Ona," and "Ola"), person who came to my home, told me Gary Jones was the Magistrate who was handling her prosecution at the time she was sent into my property to make a Medicaid entrapment attempt on me, and Gary Jones is making false accusations against me in my civil ADA case saying me - a person who has "markedly limited verbal abilities," has not left my home for over 1 3/4 YEARS, do not speak to my husband's law office clients, hate lawyers and do not want to be one, and have art and horse website and ads for how I am trying to earn a living -- is allegedly "a lawyer." I do not speak to more than appx. 5 people on my phone, ever, and only those I have to communicate to like my husband, and riding student. Olasante (or Colasante) told me Gary Jones was trying to entrap me. I am NOT a lawyer. I do NOT want to be a lawyer. I would regard it as SLAVERY to be forced to do legal work. I have NOT held myself out to be "a lawyer." I would regard Hell as having to do legal work of any kind, anywhere, for anyone, for any reason, and it causes me brain damage because I have hypoxia conditions to the language areas of my brain. I do not want to be abused anymore because Gary Jones is hurting me -- he struck my Autism diagnosis so he could hurt me. It is clear by how he is mis-handling my Autism that he has no Autism training for proper medical protocol to handle someone with Autism. I have been subjected to EXTREME emotional distress by Gary Jones, who is punishing my Autism and I do not understand why. I cannot see to read his black & white Orders, and I cannot follow what is going on in my ADA court case because I am not being properly accommodated for my Autism. And if Gary Jones is going to censor my ability to communicate with the Court, I will say the truth here. True and correct to best of my knowledge and belief, Hawthorne, FL July 6, 2012. s/ Mary Katherine Day-Petrano

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