Thursday, July 23, 2015


In a scientifically illiterate population, it is easy to convince the masses that vaccines don't cause autism. But if you actually understand the underlying biology, it is clear and obvious. Not that vaccine are the only thing that causes autism, but when a chemical cesspool is being put into people's bodies what do people THINK could happen ? 

I am dealing with a bunch of Florida Federal Judges and lawyers right now saying really crazy things about my severe autism, epilepsy, hyperacusia hearing impairments, sensory meltdowns, and blindness. 

One said I could understand everything if someone just read to me - that triggers seizures and meltdowns, because they can never get the sound right so I can actually hear it and also I have memory problems and can't remember spoken things more than about three words into it, and then my memory wipes out and I no longer remember what they said three words earlier. I have to see it to know what is being said. 

Then they tell me I can "just go to a law library" and wacky stuff like that, when I DONT. GO. OUT. IN. CROWDS. EVER. IF. I. HAVE. ANY. CHOICE. 

It is TORTURE for me to go in crowds of people, and I get terrible fatigue and meltdowns, I can't process all that input, and I can't navigate all the social interactions with people that TERRIFY ME BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS END UP WITH SOME CRAZY AUTISM-IGNORANT PERSON PUSHING ME, PUNCHING ME, OR CALLING POLICE BECAUSE MY AUTISM "SCARES THEM." 

I can't see, and I get Judges saying I'm not blind like "people with a cane," but since when do all people who are significantly blind use canes (a stereotype), and how blind do I have to be for anyone to care about it ? 

Last night, I came home and fell on the floor when I couldn't see couch cushions Hubby took off the couch and set on the floor, and I tripped over them, took a head long fall, and further tore the meniscus in my left knee trying not to break my arm when I fell. 

Everything these lawyers and Federal Judges do in Florida is some kind of AN ABELISM FREAK SHOW. One told me, together with a US lawyer telling me I "can just take pdf and convert it to purple color" so I can see it, but DO THEY GET IT ??? that I CAN'T NAVIGATE THE BLACK AND WHITE CONTROLS NEEDED TO OPERATE THE CONVERSION FEATURE ????? So, NO. I. CAN'T. HELP. MYSELF. TO. TURN. IT. TO. PURPLE. 

Then, The Judge tells me my Hubby can "go to a Kinko's or somewhere -- there are places that can do this, and have them turn it to purple." 10,000 pages ? HOW DOES ANY ADULT WITH SEVERE AUTISM OR THEIR FAMILY AFFORD THAT WHEN WE CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR BEHAVIORAL TREATMENTS, BROKEN FINGERS AND HANDS, AND FINGERS ALMOST SLICED OFF BY A MOWER BLADE ? NO. THEY. DON'T. GET. IT. ABOUT. AUTISM. NOT. AT. ALL. 

So, IN FACT, I often can only get someone to convert about 1 in every 2000 pages I have to deal with into the color I can see that I am not blind to being able to actually see. 

And THEN, you get a REAL WACKO - new Federal Judge just appointed apparently by Barack Obama in Gainesville, Florida and he says (according to Hubby, since I can't see to read it) that as an adult with severe autism I "flippantly" somehow disobeyed the Court in writing a complaint when I.CAN'T.WRITE.BECAUSE.AUTISM.MAKES.ME.NOT.ABLE.TO.WRITE.WITHOUT.SOMEONE.HELPING.ME.OR.ME.COPY/PASTE.SOMEONE.ELSE'S.WRITTEN.TEXT.BLOCK. 

And THE WACKO JUDGE who said said that baloney (Yes, it is make-believe) said it when that Court never had any evidence hearing, and another Referee did have a trial and heard testimony UNDER OATH that I had a valid claim for medical care, I was completely not at fault and innocent but my husband was 100 % at fault and responsible, that I "would have to file 159 separate lawsuits to get the autism services I need," (multiply 10,000 pages to convert to purple by 159 new lawsuits), and an ENTIRE COURTROOM OF PEOPLE BEFORE THE REFEREE COULD PERSONALLY AND VISIBLY SEE that I can't see to read it if it's not in purple, and couldn't navigate the Court complex because I got lost and can't read signs on the walls to know where to go, and I needed CART realtime to follow what people were saying. 

Another Three Judge Panel of Federal Judges made finding it endangered my life to be abruptly thrown out on the streets and posed a wandering danger. 

But then yet ANOTHER Federal Judge said with severe autism I somehow "manipulated the system" "by only raising my disability after an adverse ruling" (dismissal on a case for medical care), when at the outset of the case I had a next friend (guardian substitute) and my next friend was stripped off, and I have a LIFETIME OF MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND RECORDS OF I WOULD ESTIMATE OVER 2000 PAGES GOING BACK TO MY BIRTH DOCUMENTING EXTENSIVE VERY SEROUS MEDICAL ISSUES. 

I somehow "manipulated the system" "by only raising my disability after an adverse ruling" (dismissal on a case for medical care), when I was found totally and permanently disabled in 1996 by Social Security Administration and 1997 to cancel my student loans ???????? Huh ????? 


IT'S JUST INSANE, CRAZY, TERRIFYING, that people who are in a position of the public trust would put a person with severe autism and my other significant medical conditions in this RAT'S MAZE of CRAZY conflicting things they say, and then PUNISH PUNISH AND ALWAYS PUNISH ME FOR, when it is all I can do to stand up and not fall over something, and manage to navigate through a single day IN MY HOME.

And ALWAYS I see many of these people's IP#s on my webtracker, and the single place they go is on my autism VACCINE INJURY page, and it makes them GO CRAZY. 

And, THEN ... the Florida AUTISM Card Center sent me records showing that ONE LAWYER, head of The Florida Bar's discipline "also commented that as an attorney who is active with the Florida Bar he is concerned about whether there is a need for widespread autism sensitivity training."

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