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In a scientifically illiterate population, it is easy to convince the masses that vaccines don't cause autism. But if you actually understand the underlying biology, it is clear and obvious. Not that vaccine are the only thing that causes autism, but when a chemical cesspool is being put into people's bodies what do people THINK could happen ? 

I am dealing with a bunch of Florida Federal Judges and lawyers right now saying really crazy things about my severe autism, epilepsy, hyperacusia hearing impairments, sensory meltdowns, and blindness. 

One said I could understand everything if someone just read to me - that triggers seizures and meltdowns, because they can never get the sound right so I can actually hear it and also I have memory problems and can't remember spoken things more than about three words into it, and then my memory wipes out and I no longer remember what they said three words earlier. I have to see it to know what is being said. 

Then they tell me I can "just go to a law library" and wacky stuff like that, when I DONT. GO. OUT. IN. CROWDS. EVER. IF. I. HAVE. ANY. CHOICE. 

It is TORTURE for me to go in crowds of people, and I get terrible fatigue and meltdowns, I can't process all that input, and I can't navigate all the social interactions with people that TERRIFY ME BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS END UP WITH SOME CRAZY AUTISM-IGNORANT PERSON PUSHING ME, PUNCHING ME, OR CALLING POLICE BECAUSE MY AUTISM "SCARES THEM." 

I can't see, and I get Judges saying I'm not blind like "people with a cane," but since when do all people who are significantly blind use canes (a stereotype), and how blind do I have to be for anyone to care about it ? 

Last night, I came home and fell on the floor when I couldn't see couch cushions Hubby took off the couch and set on the floor, and I tripped over them, took a head long fall, and further tore the meniscus in my left knee trying not to break my arm when I fell. 

Everything these lawyers and Federal Judges do in Florida is some kind of AN ABELISM FREAK SHOW. One told me, together with a US lawyer telling me I "can just take pdf and convert it to purple color" so I can see it, but DO THEY GET IT ??? that I CAN'T NAVIGATE THE BLACK AND WHITE CONTROLS NEEDED TO OPERATE THE CONVERSION FEATURE ????? So, NO. I. CAN'T. HELP. MYSELF. TO. TURN. IT. TO. PURPLE. 

Then, The Judge tells me my Hubby can "go to a Kinko's or somewhere -- there are places that can do this, and have them turn it to purple." 10,000 pages ? HOW DOES ANY ADULT WITH SEVERE AUTISM OR THEIR FAMILY AFFORD THAT WHEN WE CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR BEHAVIORAL TREATMENTS, BROKEN FINGERS AND HANDS, AND FINGERS ALMOST SLICED OFF BY A MOWER BLADE ? NO. THEY. DON'T. GET. IT. ABOUT. AUTISM. NOT. AT. ALL. 

So, IN FACT, I often can only get someone to convert about 1 in every 2000 pages I have to deal with into the color I can see that I am not blind to being able to actually see. 

And THEN, you get a REAL WACKO - new Federal Judge just appointed apparently by Barack Obama in Gainesville, Florida and he says (according to Hubby, since I can't see to read it) that as an adult with severe autism I "flippantly" somehow disobeyed the Court in writing a complaint when I.CAN'T.WRITE.BECAUSE.AUTISM.MAKES.ME.NOT.ABLE.TO.WRITE.WITHOUT.SOMEONE.HELPING.ME.OR.ME.COPY/PASTE.SOMEONE.ELSE'S.WRITTEN.TEXT.BLOCK. 

And THE WACKO JUDGE who said said that baloney (Yes, it is make-believe) said it when that Court never had any evidence hearing, and another Referee did have a trial and heard testimony UNDER OATH that I had a valid claim for medical care, I was completely not at fault and innocent but my husband was 100 % at fault and responsible, that I "would have to file 159 separate lawsuits to get the autism services I need," (multiply 10,000 pages to convert to purple by 159 new lawsuits), and an ENTIRE COURTROOM OF PEOPLE BEFORE THE REFEREE COULD PERSONALLY AND VISIBLY SEE that I can't see to read it if it's not in purple, and couldn't navigate the Court complex because I got lost and can't read signs on the walls to know where to go, and I needed CART realtime to follow what people were saying. 

Another Three Judge Panel of Federal Judges made finding it endangered my life to be abruptly thrown out on the streets and posed a wandering danger. 

But then yet ANOTHER Federal Judge said with severe autism I somehow "manipulated the system" "by only raising my disability after an adverse ruling" (dismissal on a case for medical care), when at the outset of the case I had a next friend (guardian substitute) and my next friend was stripped off, and I have a LIFETIME OF MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND RECORDS OF I WOULD ESTIMATE OVER 2000 PAGES GOING BACK TO MY BIRTH DOCUMENTING EXTENSIVE VERY SEROUS MEDICAL ISSUES. 

I somehow "manipulated the system" "by only raising my disability after an adverse ruling" (dismissal on a case for medical care), when I was found totally and permanently disabled in 1996 by Social Security Administration and 1997 to cancel my student loans ???????? Huh ????? 


IT'S JUST INSANE, CRAZY, TERRIFYING, that people who are in a position of the public trust would put a person with severe autism and my other significant medical conditions in this RAT'S MAZE of CRAZY conflicting things they say, and then PUNISH PUNISH AND ALWAYS PUNISH ME FOR, when it is all I can do to stand up and not fall over something, and manage to navigate through a single day IN MY HOME.

And ALWAYS I see many of these people's IP#s on my webtracker, and the single place they go is on my autism VACCINE INJURY page, and it makes them GO CRAZY. 

And, THEN ... the Florida AUTISM Card Center sent me records showing that ONE LAWYER, head of The Florida Bar's discipline "also commented that as an attorney who is active with the Florida Bar he is concerned about whether there is a need for widespread autism sensitivity training."

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The Florida Bar's ACAP Is Refusing The Title II ADA Reasonable Accomodations Heidi Brewer (Bar Prosecutor) Granted Me As Means To Refuse To Take A Bar Complaint Against Nationwide Lawyer Trevor Rhodes for Criminal Extortion Of Me In His E-Mails Sent Over The Internet

I just filed a Bar Complaint with The Florida Bar against 

Trevor Rhodes, that lawyer who sent criminal extortion e

-mails against me to have my husband, David, while he is

 suspended for 91 days, "drop" all my pending and future

 litigations, lawsuits, cases, and claims against ANYONE (it

 would be "necessary"), involuntarily and against my will, or

 else he will "use all means possible" to make sure my 

husband David is never reinstated to The Florida Bar.

Trevor Rhodes works for Banker Lopez Gassler, P.A. law
firm in Tampa, FL and he is the lawyer for Nationwide Mutual
Fire Insurance Company, Carl Schwait, and Harold Bynum.

I have the Trevor Rhodes criminal extortion e-mails and 

would be happy to provide a copy to anyone. 

The Florida Bar's ACAP Bar complaint staff are intentionally

refusing the Title II Americans With Disabilities Act 

reasonable accommodations their lawyer regulation

prosecutor, Heidi Brewer, previously granted to me, and they

are blocking my calls to Ms. Brewer and other lawyer

regulation prosecutors from going through.  

The Florida Bar's ACAP Bar complaint staff seem more 

concerned that I cannot communicate very well with autism, 

than the fact one of the lawyers they licensed, Trevor

Rhodes, is sending criminal extortion e-mails (clear extortion

on the face of the e-mails he wrote) against a vulnerable 

disabled adult with autism which is not only a felony crime

but is also unethical conduct and a violation of Florida

Bar disciplinary rules.

I am sure that as a woman with autism, if I were raped, The 

Florida Bar and United States Attorney's Office, Hillsborough

County Florida State Attorney's Office, and the Florida

Attorney General's Office would DO SOMETHING to protect

me as a crime victim from Trevor Rhodes; so how is it so

different when the crime Trevor Rhodes committed 

against me over the Internet is extortion ?    

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Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company Maliciously Targets Autism Vaccine Injury Victims, Is THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA, and ABUSES People Diagnosed With Autism By Lying To Law Enforcement and Judges

This is a follow-up post to my last posts about the WORST INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA, that intentionally targets and abuses autism vaccine injury victims -- Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

I have been being hacked viciously by Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company and its employees or those under its control or at its behest since my autism doctor, Michael W. Hoffmann, M.D. was forced to abandon me by Nationwide. 

Here are some of the things Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company and its agents have told me when they have hacked my computer:

1.) we defamed you to a Grand Jury and Judges, but you can't make us stop;

2.)  we got your family, including your daughter and granddaughters put in Federal Witness Protection by defaming you and falsely accusing you of crimes, and we know the DEVASTATION socially isolating a person diagnosed with autism from their friends and family (the only people the autistic person has any social interaction with) causes;

3.) we lied to two Federal Judges by falsely telling them you were "a licensed lawyer" to get them to sanction you $40,316 payable to Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, knowing you have a severe autism vaccine injury, have no means of autism support, you face autism wandering risks, and you are literally eating out of garbage cans with not enough food, and have several teeth with holes in them and had two broken bones and no medical or dental care;

4.) we have been threatening you daily with being arrested for crimes we know you did not commit (because as we told you, we defamed you to law enforcement, Grand jury, and Judges);

5.) but we have to get you "locked up" because you have an autism vaccine injury and a brain injury we screwed up and failed to pay for timely medical treatment, and we don't want to pay one penny for all the DAMAGE we have done to you, because we instructed our lawyer Trevor Rhodes we would spend "a million djuollars" before we will pay for inflicting VAST harm on you. 

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company then told Federal Bankruptcy Judge Catherine McEwen that under the above circumstances its "sanctions" were "justified," (backed up by the United States Trustee-- a Division of Eric Holder's Department of Injustice and Trustee Jon Waage), and that even though my SOLE SOURCE OF INCOME CAME FROM MY FAMILY FARMING ACTIVITIES, that I "did not meet the farm income test of more than 50 % of my income coming from my farming activities."   

Yep, ANOTHER LIE by Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and they got Bankruptcy Judge Catherine McEwen so hostile toward my autism vaccine injury, that she ruled that (1.) I should have 21 days to convert to another chapter, but then CUT OFF THAT RIGHT by dismissing my case WITHOUT GIVING ME THE 21 DAYS SHE SAID SHE WOULD -- YET ANOTHER DUE PROCESS VIOLATION OF AUTISM VACCINE INJURY; (2.) she told me to "fire my attorney" with utter disregard for my medical diagnosis by Michael Hoffmann, M.D. that TOLD HER I have "markedly impaired verbal abilities," as an autism vaccine injury victim, and ANY RATIONAL PERSON WOULD UNDERSTAND THAT MEANS I CANNOT NAVIGATE ANY COURT WITHOUT A LAWYER OR SOMEONE TO HELP ME SPEAK AND WRITE AND SEE TO READ. 

I wear big black prescription glasses because I can't see. This would be SO OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WHO SAW ME, that they would be knocked off their feet it is SO CONSPICUOUS. Yet, another Federal Judge, "the best and the brightest," M. Casey Rodgers, when she was told I can't see and could not see to read or know what was in any of the papers she used against me to "sanction" me $40,316 to deter my autism vaccine injury, she (1.) refused to hold any in-person evidentiary hearing to see my BIG BLACK PRESCRIPTION GLASSES and blindness and refused to address my uncontroverted medical records, and (2.) ruled "you can see, you can do it." 


Reality does not exist in the Federal Courts when they learn the person has an autism vaccine injury. Neither does fundamental fairness or empathy or compassion for the DEVASTATING freedom-robbing and life-threatening punishments they inflict on autism vaccine injury victims, and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY, AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I DID WRONG. 

Except to have someone FORCE A VACCINE INJURY ON ME WHEN I WAS A BABY that ruined my life and from which I cannot alter the course of the neurological damage inflicted on me.

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company has also been hacking me and threating me: "we can hold you in contempt and have you locked in federal prison because you can't pay the 'sanctions' because the Eleventh Circuit allows this and because you're an autism vaccine injury victim and can't earn enough to even support yourself and your vast medical and special needs. We will take EVERYTHING AWAY FROM YOU."

All you parents out there who have an autism vaccine injured child, THIS IS WHAT YOUR CHILD CAN LOOK FORWARD TO, the life BAD insurance companies like Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company and Federal Judges will FORCE on your severely injured, sick child -- as if the autism vaccine injury is not bad enough. 

Throughout my life, I have:

1.) been promised by my father he will pay me adult child support for my autism vaccine injury, but then he has NEVER PAID and he and my step-mother helped each other bash my head over 40 times against the walls of their house and tried to murder me -- I was left without medical care for the brain injury they called me;

2.) thrown out on the streets with an autism vaccine injury at the age of 18 by my father who KNEW I HAD NO ABILITY WHATSOEVER TO CARE FOR MYSELF INDEPENDENTLY due to my autism vaccine injury, and he did this because "his father threw him out of the house to earn a living at age 5;"

3.) received NO adult autism financial supports, services, or assistance whatsoever, despite having a severe autism vaccine injury because our Country doesn't pay for the autism vaccine injuries caused the victims and just leaves us to die;

4.) have gone over 12 1/2 years WAITING for my Social Security disability for my severe autism vaccine injury, and despite United States Magistrate Charles A. Stampelos recommending that I should be able to proceed to get it, Federal Judge Maurice Paul is so hostile to my autism vaccine injury he has sat on and delayed entering an Order on the recommendation for almost 9 months or more after Magistrate Stampelos said I should get my disability benefits (that I had before); 

5.) got a significant brain injury in January 2008 when my passenger seat restraint broke on impact in a car accident and Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, who agreed in a 2010 settlement agreement to may my underinsured motorist coverage if I would settle a different claim for a huge discount, RENEGGED, cut off my medical care, caused my doctors to all abandon me, LIED to two Federal judges that I was "a licensed lawyer" to get "sanctions" while telling me it "wasn't what you said or that you were entitled to be paid, it was the WAY YOU SAID IT (Autistically) that was why you were 'sanctioned;'" (HOW am I supposed to not speak and write Autistically ? HOW ?);

6.) I have lost and had dismissed almost 100 % of the claims, cases, and lawsuits I have been forced to file, because there is NO adult autism vaccine injury compensation or financial support in this Country, and all the doctors and disability organizations -- and even Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company itself, told me "you have to sue" to get the financial support you NEED, and all of the Judges do not see why someone with autism should have standing to sue, get court access, get fundamental fairness, or (most of all) why anyone with an autism vaccine injury should receive a remedy;

7.) Now, even though medical money paid for my home and disability service animals and the ONLY environment where I am safe and can live in the community, Federal Bankruptcy Judge Catherine McEwen, demonstrating a VERY POOR UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT A SEVERE AUTISM VACCINE INJURY IS, and WHILE IGNORING MY MEDICAL REPORTS, decided I should lose my home and all the medical funds that have paid to treat my severe medical conditions.

This is the life that autism vaccine injury victims live -- EVERYONE wants to HURT US, everyone wants to TAKE EVERYTHING AWAY FROM US -- including NECESSITIES / MEDICAL NECESSITIES, and everyone wants to PUNISH US IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE, LOCK US UP, AND HURT US BEYOND COMPREHENSION. 

Is THIS the way this Country should be treating autism vaccine injury victims ?


WHY isn't there any compassion and HELP for autism vaccine injury victims ?

WHY aren't we allowed to be free and live in our own homes with enough to eat, medical care, and our disability service animals ?



WHY does EVERYONE just want to PUNISH and ANNHILATE the autism vaccine injury victim OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET ? 

Does ANYBODY know the HELL all this makes the life of autism vaccine injury victims ?

HERE, Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE AUTISM AND HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU: I remember all the times I held her as a baby and a toddler and rocked her to sleep on my shoulder and she would say: "I love you, Mom."

I remember having  only $20 to my name, and buying a Marine World Africa ticket for my daughter and I to go see the animals and pet the camels and watch the lion training. Between the tickets and the gas to get there, I had about 50 cents left and couldn't afford food for three days for myself, although I let her have all the food in the apartment.

I remember taking my daughter horse back riding on my friend, Les' pony, and she always couldn't wait to go there, and laughed and loved it and it was her favorite thing to do.

I used to brush my daughter's long blond hair and put it up in pony tails with colored ribbons, so she would feel beautiful. I hand-sewed a riding horse show outfit for her so she could go in ONE leadline class (all my money I had to my name) and win a 6th place ribbon and feel like she could achieve anything.

When my daughter's best friend, Sarah, came to find me crying, and told me she cut up my daughter's bathing suit with scissors and was sorry and wanted her friend back, I helped Sarah and Shelly make up and be friends again.

My daughter was my life, and Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company not only abused my autism vaccine injury and "sanctioned" me $40,316 for what I STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I DID WRONG TO BE PUNISHED IN THIS LIFE-THREATENING AND FREEDOM-ROBBING WAY, but Nationwide also DESTROYED the social interaction between my daughter and I to intentionally socially isolate me KNOWING THE HORRIFIC AUTISM REGRESSION DAMAGE that socially isolating a person with autism causes.

As an autism vaccine injury victim, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY MY DAUGHTER HAS BEEN TOLD NOT TO TALK TO ME OR SEE ME, It makes me want to die. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company did this to me and my daughter told me so, when she told me Nationwide told her I committed some crime I know nothing about (the defamation Nationwide hacked me and admitted it was doing to me), and sent the FBI to my father and my daughter, entrapped her husband, Sean Morgan on a "sex offender" charge, and used that to force my daughter not to talk to me, see me, or socially interact with me at all.

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company KNEW WHEN IT DID THIS THAT A PERSON WITH AUTISM BASICALLY HAS NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY, OR ONLY 1 FRIEND OR FAMILY, and that do TAKE AWAY THE ONLY PERSON THE AUTISTIC PERSON IS SOCIALLY INTERACTING WITH IS A LIVING DEATH to that severely autism vaccine injured person. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance company took away my entire family. 

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company is a MONSTER that ABUSES autism vaccine injury victims and it is the WORST INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA. 


What actually exists is I am an AUTISM VACCINE INJURY VICTIM, and it made me very sick as a child and as an adult, and there is no cure, and no one helps me, and it seems to BE EASY TO DELIVER ABUSE AND PUNISHMENTS ON ME, but I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME -- and I swear this is true on the life of my daughter. So help me God.

And I miss my daughter more than anything in the World, and I love her so much, and Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company YOU HAVE HURT ME, YOU HAVE HURT ME, AND WHY HAVE YOU HURT ME JUST FOR ASKING YOU TO PAY FOR MY BRAIN INJURY MEDICAL BILLS ?

WHAT DID I DO WRONG TO ANYBODY FOR ALL OF THIS TO BE DONE TO HURT ME just because I have an autism vaccine injury ?

Can anyone tell me WHY ?

What did I do wrong by having an autism vaccine injury ?    

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Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company Maliciously Targets Autism Vaccine Injury Victims And Is THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA

I recently saw this news story about how State Farm insurance company dropped actor Rob Schneider after he publicly raised concerns about vaccine safety issues. See here:

Insurance companies across the United States are out of control and running amok trampling over the human and civil rights of disabled American people.

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company is by far the worst offender.

Nationwide takes State Farm’s malicious targeting of an adult Autism vaccine injury victim to new levels. Lets look at the malice and false advertising of Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and the sick and morally bankruptcy malice of its lawyers.


As most everyone who follows my Internet presence knows, I am an adult with an Autism vaccine injury that was inflicted on me at between 12 and 15 months of age.

So, first of all, it is an EXTRORDINARY INJUSTICE and IRRATIONAL THINKING to blame me for being at fault for causing my autism vaccine injury disabilities.

I was a BABY when they were inflicted on me - *GET THAT,* Nationwide and Trevor Rhodes and Lauren Haynes of the Banker Lopez Gassler, P.A. law firm in Tampa, Florida (an Autism abusive law firm).

People with Autism vaccine injuries, like everyone else, can and do get personal injuries from other causes.

During 2004 I was injured while loading a vehicle that was struck from behind when I was almost dragged under it and car parts struck me from the crash. I made an insurance claim on Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company to pay for my medical care from the accident. My husband was also injured in the accident while sitting in the vehicle that was struck from behind at about 60-70 MPH by an uninsured motorist, Nathaniel May, and my husband's father who was also in the vehicle subsequently deteriorated as a result of the injuries he suffered and died.

Our lawyer, David Ristoff, told my husband we had a good and valid insurance claim against Nationwide for the full policy limits (which were $100,000 for uninsured motorist for my husband and $100,000 uninsured motorist for me). 

Nationwide acted in extreme bad faith and refused to pay the claim for a very long time, making “low ball” offers of $25,000 and less, delaying and dragging out the claims process and subsequent lawsuit filed against Nationwide to pay the 2004 insurance benefits for years.

While the 2004 lawsuit was pending against Nationwide, my husband and I were struck from behind on January 5, 2008 while stopped at a railroad crossing in Clearwater, Florida, at about 45-50 MPH by an underinsured motorist, Antonio D’Angelo. Mr. D’Angelo almost pushed our vehicle into the vehicle stopped in front of us, and both vehicles into the passing train. My passenger seat restraint broke on impact, throwing me into the interior of the vehicle, inflicting a significant brain injury on me.

Following the January 2008 car accident brain injuries, I was having extreme difficulty being able to communicate with and assist my lawyer, David Ristoff, so his “solution” was to abandon me as his significantly brain damaged client and dump me into the Florida state court system with no Title II Americans With Disabilities Act reasonable accommodations or any other lawyer to help me.

Nationwide acted in “bad faith” pushing me around in the 2004 lawsuit while knowing of the extent of my Autism and brain injury disabilities, and chose the tactics with respect to the January 2008 claim of not asking for any Independent Medical Examination (“IME”) but instead accepted my medical doctors findings and reports.

Nationwide, whose advertising slogan “Nationwide is on Your Side,” has clearly demonstrated by its acts and conduct that its advertising slogan is FALSE ADVERTISING, and showed its TRUE COLORS as the vicious and nasty “bad faith” insurance company that it is.

Nationwide’s lawyers in the 2004 lawsuit, led by Scott Albee and Gerald Biondi (who subsequently got off the case), began targeting, abusing, and attacking me as a person with Autism and now a significant brain injury with abusive lawyer tactics --  they intentionally refused to provide Americans With Disabilities Act reasonable accommodations for my Autism and brain injury disabilities so they could exploit the failure to accommodate in the 2004 lawsuit and they began raising “frivolous” and “vexatious” and “harassing” “sanctions” arguments against my husband and I in the Court hearing the 2004 lawsuit to try to intimidate and coerce us “to drop the lawsuit.”

Meanwhile, I accumulated over $100,000 in medical bill for the medical care that began following the January 2008 car accident and significant brain injuries inflicted on me along with my efforts to separate out the underlying Autism vaccine injury condition from the new car accident brain injuries, all of which Nationwide began reviewing during 2008-2009.

During February/March 2009, State Farm insurance company settled the January 2008 car accident claim in good faith on behalf of its insured, Antonio D’Angelo. But Mr. D’Angelo was an underinsured motorist, and the settlement was not enough to pay for the full damages of my January 2008 car accident injuries. Nationwide approved of the settlement with State Farm.

But, incensed by the revelation I am an Autism vaccine injury victim, Nationwide’s vicious attacks on me by its lawyers in the 2004 lawsuit pending in the Florida state court escalated. I filed a counter-claim lawsuit against Nationwide in the 2004 lawsuit (which was consolidated), for their Americans With Disabilities Act refusal to accommodate violations and for the intimidation and coercion of abusing me as a person with Autism and brain injuries they knew about by attacking me with “frivolous” and “harassing” and “vexatious” and “sanctions” accusations.

Such malicious abuse of a severely disabled person with Autism vaccine injury and added significant brain injuries clearly ran afoul of Florida’s strong policy against vulnerable adult disabled abuse. But Nationwide didn't care about that. 

Nationwide defaulted and failed to file any Answer to my counter-claim for the disability abuse in the 2004 lawsuit, consolidated, and on April 28, 2010, Nationwide settled the 2004 lawsuit with my husband and I, promising in exchange for my husband and I reducing our $200,000 damages claim for the 2004 lawsuit to: (1.) pay us $20,000 each (for a total of $40,000); (2.) agree to pay the $100,000 2008 underinsured motorist benefits due for the January 2008 car accident because I already had over $100,000 in medical bills accumulated from the 2008 accident; (3.) to provide me the Americans With Disabilities Act reasonable accommodations I require at all times in the future; (4.) to never force me to have to file another lawsuit against Nationwide to get my money; and (5.) to never attack me at any time in the future anywhere and in any other lawsuit with “frivolous,” “harassing,” “vexatious” accusations or seek or get “sanctions” (because Nationwide recognized that this was, essentially, beating up on a severely disabled person who is unable to defend themselves).

The 2010 settlement agreement release further provided that in consideration for a settlement payment of $20,000 to my husband, David F. Petrano, and $20,000 to me, that NATIONWIDE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY exchanged mutual, general releases and made various covenants, including the following:

“fully release, remise, and forever discharges one another and its officers, employees, for, from and against any and all claims, lien, demands, causes of action, controversies, offsets, obligations, losses, damages, liabilities of every kind and character, whatsoever, including, without limitation, any act or action, omission, misrepresentation, or implicating in any way the medical and Social Security records inaccuracies and disputes, or any other basis of liability, fault, or wrongdoing, founded either in tort, contract, equity, disciplinary, quasi-criminal or criminal, and the duties arising thereunder, for which the Parties have had in the past or now have, whether known or unknown, whether asserted or unasserted, by reason of any matter or cause, or thing set forth in, relating to, or arising out of, or in any way connected with or to all claims growing out of the Nationwide Automobile Insurance Policy Number 786466 and resulting from the automobile accident which occurred October 18, 2004, … Pinellas County, Florida, with claims pending in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuit in and for Pinellas County, Florida, Case Nos.: 06-8593-CI and 08-015758-CI.”  
Nationwide, through its lawyers, stipulated to the 2010 settlement agreement, and final adjudication upon it in the Petranos v. May and Nationwide, Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida, (consolidated) Case No. 06-008593-CI and 08-15758-CI lawsuit.


Following entering in the 2010 settlement agreement with me, Nationwide began a vicious and malicious systematic targeting of me as a person with an Autism vaccine injury who Nationwide realized had a substantial brain injury claim for the January 2008 accident that Nationwide did not want to pay for – WHY ? Because Nationwide is a bad insurance company that doesn’t pay for the claims its insured pay premiums to have insured with Nationwide.

And also because my Autism vaccine injury incensed Nationwide.

The renewed attacks on me by Nationwide began when Nationwide in “bad faith” refused to pay my medical doctors the $100,000 underinsured motorist benefits for the January 2008 car accident they had promised they were going to pay under the 2010 settlement agreement. They did this to get my medical doctors to cut off my medical care for significant brain injuries inflicted on me in the January 2008 car accident – JUST LIKE THE NFL, WITHOUT REGARD TO THE NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE SECONDARY CASCADING EFFECTS OF THE BRAIN INJURIES WOULD INFLICT ON ME LEFT UNTREATED.

Nationwide was FULLY AWARE that such intentional acts on its part of cutting off and leaving untreated a significant brain injury such as that documented by my medical doctors could – as seen in NFL players with brain injuries, left untreated, cause Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (“CTE”).

Nationwide DIDN’T CARE, because Nationwide is the WORST INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA, and Nationwide’s Advertising Slogan “Nationwide is on Your side” is KNOWINGLY FALSE ADVERTISING.

Nationwide told me that to be able to get my medical care for the significant brain injuries inflicted on me in the January 2008 car accident (that were NOT MY FAULT), I “would have to sue,” and they told me this through their lawyer, Carl B. Schwait, who sits as Chair of The Florida Bar’s Disciplinary Committee, while KNOWING that this breached the 2010 settlement agreement I entered into with Nationwide.

My husband and I waited until the last hour of the last day before the statute of limitations would have run to sue Nationwide. Nationwide told me I would have to sue them in Alachua County, Florida where Carl B. Schwait’s law firm is located to “forum shop,” even though the car accident happened in Clearwater, Florida in Pinellas County.

As soon as I sued Nationwide, Nationwide changed law firms from the law firm that was representing it when Nationwide entered into the 2010 settlement agreement with me. It is clear that Nationwide did so as a DECEPTIVE tactic to CHEAT ME out of the $100,000 money on the January 2008 car accident claim that Nationwide had promised it would pay me under the 2010 settlement agreement, if my husband and I would take $160,000 less on our 2004 claim.

Nationwide hired the Banker Lopez Gassler, P.A. law firm of Tampa, Florida, 501 E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1500, Tampa, Florida 33602, (813) 221-1500, and its lawyers, Trevor Rhodes, Florida Bar No. 0020573, and Lauren Haynes, Florida Bar No. 0085105.

Nationwide’s lawyers acted with others to remove the case to federal court in Gainesville, Florida (to make sure it manipulated the case to a Court that was not familiar with the prior lawsuits between Nationwide and myself that went against Nationwide), where it was assigned to United States Magistrate Gary R. Jones and Chief Judge M. Casey Rodgers.

Nationwide’s lawyers immediately KNOWINGLY MADE FALSE STATEMENT OF FACT to United States Magistrate Gary R. Jones and Chief Judge M. Casey Rodgers that I am “a licensed member of the Florida and California Bar” amid accusations of the same “frivolous,” “harassing,” “vexatious” tactics that Nationwide had agreed under the 2010 settlement agreement with me it WOULD NEVER RAISE AGAIN to get $43,316 in “sanctions” against me because (as Nationwide's TOTALLY FALSE STORY WENT) as “a licensed lawyer” I “knew better” than to “bring a frivolous lawsuit” to collect the money Nationwide had promised to pay me under the 2010 settlement agreement it entered into with me.

At the time Nationwide and it lawyers FALSELY TOLD UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUDGES I WAS “A LICENSED LAWYER,” they KNEW just exactly the opposite was true: that I am an autism vaccine injury victim, whose medical doctor (Michael W. Hoffmann, M.D. of the University of South Florida) diagnosed “markedly limited verbal abilities,” whose other medical doctor (Loren Bartels, M.D./FACS) diagnosed: “she is unable to type and produce usable material. Written pathways to self-produced language are for her, not comprehensible,” and my significant brain injuries left untreated by Nationwide caused blindness.

At the time Nationwide and it lawyers FALSELY TOLD UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUDGES I WAS “A LICENSED LAWYER,” they KNEW  their FALSE PORTRAYAL of me was of a person with autism in the face of the significant danger of death from wandering, drowning, or other’s physical attacks upon the Autistic person upon experiencing the Autistic behaviors -- and that their FALSELY PROCURED "sanctions" enhanced this autism danger.

Nationwide and its lawyers by DECEPTION and CHEATING and FALSE STATEMENTS THEY MADE TO UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUDGES, not only obtained $40,316 “sanctions” against me that were barred by the 2010 settlement agreement entered into with me by Nationwide, but also did so against an autistic person to take the money away from her and her autism family needed to prevent autism wandering dangers.

Nationwide and its lawyers KNEW at the time they FALSELY TOLD UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUDGES I (A PERSON WITH AUTISM) WAS “A LICENSED LAWYER” that there is a substantial body of publicly available knowledge that people diagnosed with Autism cannot be left unsupervised or thrown on the streets by “sanctioning” them and taking away their Autism care and safety money without danger to their lives:

See Samantha Driscole, Autism insights on Wandering, Facebook, January 31, 2011[1] (“92 percent of children and adults with autism wander and this can be both dangerous and deadly. This is largely due to the fact that individuals on the spectrum often have an impaired sense of danger. Many individuals on the spectrum maybe drawn to large bodies of water and will play in and may attempt to swim. They don’t take into account current, under toe or sudden drop off or if they can swim. The number one cause of death in autistic adults and children who wander is drowning. … Wandering can very dangerous and deadly when an individual wander they could be in immediate danger!”); Lori McIlwain, Wendy Fournier, Lethal Outcomes In Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Wandering/Elopement, National Autism Association, January 20, 2012[2] (“Wandering/elopement tendencies in those with an ASD have tragic consequences. While lethal outcomes are preventable, awareness, education and resources remain scarce. Developing initiatives aimed at increasing awareness and resources would likely reduce wandering/elopement deaths in the ASD population.”); AWAARE Formed to Prevent Wandering-Related Deaths in Autism Community, AutismSpeaks, July 7, 2014[3] (“While there has been no official tracking of wandering-related incidents involving individuals diagnosed with autism, in an online poll conducted by NAA in 2007, 92% of parent respondents said their children with autism have a tendency to wander away from safe environments. A 2008 study from Denmark found that the mortality rate within the autism population is twice as high as in the general population. In 2001, a California research team attributed elevated death rates among people with autism in large part to drowning…. In addition to educating parents and caregivers, AWAARE is reaching out to first responders to increase their understanding and adjust their response mechanisms for autism elopement. "It is our hope that law enforcement and other first responders will devise strategies for dealing effectively with wandering-related incidents when they occur in their own communities…"); Dennis Debbaudt, Plan Your Response to an Autism Emergency[4] (“Children and adults all over the world wandered from care and into danger. Leading causes for concern are children and adults who run away or wander from parents and care providers. Tragically, children and adults with autism are often attracted to water sources such as pools, ponds, and lakes. Drowning is a leading cause of death for a child or adult who has autism. Wandering can also lead to high risk field contacts with law enforcement or members of the general public.”); Autism Safety Tool Kit[5] (“A leading cause for concern are children and adults who run away or wander from parents and care providers. Tragically, children and adults with autism are often attracted to water sources such as pools, ponds, and lakes. Drowning is a leading cause of death for a child or adult who has autism. Wandering can occur anywhere at anytime. … If wandering is a concern, contact law enforcement, fire and ambulance agencies.”); Jennifer Hlusko, Autism Wandering, Mar. 22, 2014[6]  (“Children and adults with autism wander from all types of settings, such as educational, therapeutic, residential, camp programs, outdoor, public places, and home settings, including relatives and babysitters’ homes. … Autism is a diagnosis that represents many symptoms, some of which can lead to serious health and safety risks, including death. In 2008, Danish researchers found that the mortality rate among the autism population is twice as high as the general population. In 2001, a California research team attributed elevated death rates in large part to drowning. Drowning, prolonged exposure, and other wandering-related factors remain among the top causes of death within the autism population.”); Paul Law, Connie Anderson, IAN RESEARCH REPORT: ELOPEMENT AND WANDERING, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Apr. 20, 2011[7] (“People with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) often “elope,” “wander,” or “bolt” from safe spaces. This behavior can be dangerous, and there have been many reports of fatalities, yet virtually no research has been focused on this subject. Recognizing the urgent need for information and intervention, the Autism Research Institute, the Autism Science Foundation, Autism Speaks, and the Global Autism Collaboration partnered with the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) to create a national survey on elopement in ASD. Preliminary results of this first ever investigation of elopement behavior in autism are shared to provide critical information for families, advocates, policy makers, and scientists. … The autism community uses many terms to describe the fact that children and dependent adults with ASD depart safe spaces to put themselves in harm’s way.”); Jennifer Cerbasi, Avonte Oquendo’s tragic death highlights the need for autism education, FoxNews, January 29, 2014[8] (“As the tragic end to the story of missing 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo unfolded in New York, the very serious issue of children with autism who have a tendency to wander is again brought to light. … Eloping, also referred to as bolting, darting, or running, is a potentially dangerous behavior that has led to 22 deaths in just 20 months between 2009 and 2011, according to the National  Autism Association. Of those 22 deaths, 20 were caused by accidental drowning and two were hit by vehicles. The danger of elopement comes in many forms; from running into traffic to going with a stranger, the hazards are around every corner.”); Anne Dachel, Fox San Antonio: Another wandering death…just a part of autism, FoxNewsSanAntonio, June 5. 2014[9] (“A community is mourning after an autistic boy was killed while walking on a busy highway.Southwest Independent School District confirms sixteen-year-old Jeffrey Perez died after being hit by several cars Monday morning. The special needs student at Scobee Middle School was spotted walking along the center stripe of Loop 410 near Somerset Road during rush hour traffic. Investigators say Perez left his home in the middle of the night and started to wander.“).

Nationwide and its lawyers KNEW at the time they FALSELY TOLD UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUDGES THAT I (A PERSON WITH AUTISM) WAS “A LICENSED LAWYER” that ANYONE who made any reasonable investigation inquiry into autism wandering dangers and death could have put the search terms “adult with autism wandering death” into a Google search on the Internet and it would have returned approximately 363,000 results.

I have never been “a licensed lawyer” anywhere one day in my life.

I have now been left for 5 1/2 years without any medical care and treatment for the significant brain injuries inflicted on me in the January 2008 car accident.

In addition to FALSELY TELLING UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUDGES THAT I (A PERSON WITH AUTISM) WAS “A LICENSED LAWYER,” Nationwide also told the United States Federal Judges that I “had no insurance policy” with Nationwide, “no claim” for the January 2008 car accident, and that it was “insurance fraud” – all of which were KNOWINGLY FALSE STATEMENTS OF FACT designed for purposes of DECEPTION and to CHEAT ME, and a breach of the 2010 settlement agreement Nationwide entered into with me.

When Nationwide was confronted with these lies, and AFTER IT GOT THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUDGES TO “SANCTION” ME $40,316 in breach of the 2010 settlement agreement I had with Nationwide, Nationwide’s lawyers, Trevor Rhodes and Lauren Haynes told the United States Federal Judges that the “sanctions” should stand because ‘even if I had a valid insurance policy and a valid claim that Nationwide refused to pay,’ because IT WAS NOT THE CONTENT OF WHAT I SAID BUT HOW I SAID IT THROUGH MY AUTISTIC SPEECH that “justified” "punishing" me with the “sanctions” and that the “sanctions” had to be entered against me “for deterrence.”

“Deterrence” of what, EXACLTY ?

I am severely Autistic. I have an Autism vaccine injury inflicted on me as A BABY, that WAS NOT MY FAULT.



All I asked for WAS TO GET MY MEDICAL CARE NATIONWIDE HAD ALREADY PROMISED TO PAY. That “justified” “sanctioning” me $40,316.

Nationwide, THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA, “sanctioned” me all the money I have and probably will ever have to care for my Autism vaccine injury and the significant brain injuries Nationwide left untreated TO “DETER” ME FROM SPEAKING AND WRITING AUTISTICALLY TO ASK FOR HELP TO GET MY MEDICAL CARE. 

And they did so in breach of the 2010 settlement agreement I entered into with them, and the final state court judgment in the Petranos v. May and Nationwide, Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida, (consolidated) Case No. 06-008593-CI and 08-15758-CI lawsuit that BARRED THE FEDERAL COURT THAT “SANCTIONED ME” FROM “RELITIGATING” AND “REVIEWING” AND “CHANGING THE RESULT” of the prior state Court lawsuit that went against Nationwide on Rooker-Feldman grounds (depriving the Federal Court of subject matter jurisdiction). 

Nationwide’s despicable and dishonest lawyers, the Banker Lopez Gassler, P.A. law firm (a “spin-off” of the insurance defense group of Fowler White Boggs Banker, P.A. of Tampa, Florida), Trevor Rhodes, and Lauren Haynes, continue to press their “sanctions” against me in multiple other Courts I have asked to enforce the 2010 settlement agreement and the final state court judgment in the Petranos v. May and Nationwide, Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida, (consolidated) Case No. 06-008593-CI and 08-15758-CI lawsuit that BARRED THE “SANCTIONS.”

Nationwide and it lawyers are threatening to ask the United States Federal Judges they LIED TO as described in this post, to “hold” me “in contempt” for my severe Autism vaccine injury and inability to “pay the sanctions” and “put me in federal prison” for not being able to pay, and to take everything away from me including the medical property and funds that pay for my Autism vaccine injury and brain injury care and special needs that remain very underfunded. THAT is "Nationwide" who "is on Your Side."

What people need to understand about Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company if you are a policyholder or are thinking of doing business with them is this:

1.)  NATIONWIDE will RENEG after it signs a settlement agreement with you – their settlement agreements are not worth the paper they are written on;

2.)  NATIONWIDE is an insurance company that will VICIOUSLY attack Autism vaccine injury victims the moment Nationwide learns the person has an Autism vaccine injury TO DESTROY THAT AUTISTIC PERSON’S LIFE;

3.)  NATIONWIDE’S advertising slogan “Nationwide is on Your Side,” is FALSE ADVERTISING;


5.)  NATIONWIDE will make you promises in settlement agreement Nationwide HAS NO INTENTION OF KEEPING;


If you want to do business with Nationwide, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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