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Nationwide Elderly & Disabled Autism / Brain Injury Abuse: Bad Faith

I was a passenger when rear-ended in an auto accident during January 05, 2008 in which my seat restraint broke upon impact, throwing me against the interior of the vehicle, and, over five brain scans, showed a cascading worsening significant brain injury.

For those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, know about the ongoing abuse I have been subjected to by Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company in Florida and their UM claims rep "Earl" Charles Law. A YouTube video has been posted for some time with many views concerning the permanent foot deformity inflicted on me when Nationwide refused in bad faith to pay for my necessary medical care, HERE:

I have been asked many times by members of the Autism community to share my journey through life as an adult with Autism, including the numerous ways in which our lives are De-valued and we are Egregiously and Pervasively Mis-treated.

I am now sharing a Declaration under Oath describing how Nationwide and their claims rep committed elderly abuse on my 91-year old Mother-in-law and disabled sister-in-law to try to extort a low-ball settlement of MY UM auto accident brain injury / related injuries claim without my knowledge or authorization (to fraudulently circumvent their having to get my agreement and signature to settle my claim).

The reason this Despicable insurance company engaged in such Outrageous bad faith acts was because of my severe Autism aggravated by the January 05, 2008 significant cascading brain injury caused a spoken and written expressive aphasia (inability to speak and/or write functionally including inability to organize, order, and sequence expressive speech), so they thought they could commit adult Autism bullying and abuse to a person they perceived to be a silent witness who could not tell on them for what they did.

HERE is the Declaration under Oath -- every parent of a child or adult with Autism should give thought to how society and particularly law enforcement agencies and many states such as Florida who are against protecting Autism families and the disabled to further their budget cuts allow such brutality and inhumane acts to be perpetrated upon some of the most vulnerable American citizens.


"I, Donna Ross, declare as follows:

1. I am the sister-in-law of Mary Katherine Day-Petrano, sister of David F.
Petrano, and daughter of Yolanda Petrano. If called upon I could and would
competently testify from first hand personal experience to the facts which I
have stated herein.

2. I am aware that my brother, David F. Petrano and his wife, Mary Katherine
Day-Petrano were injured in an auto accident on about January 05, 2008 in
which Mary's seat restraint broke, throwing her against the interior of the
car, and causing her significant brain injuries.

3. I am also aware that Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company has
delayed paying Mary's medical bills and for her medical treatment resulting
from that auto accident for more almost 2 years under the UM policy,
claim no. 7709 N 7864660105200801 without any regard whatsoever and
without any justifiable excuse by acting in a reckless manner, with
deliberate disregard, and inhumanely against her for the additional extent
of brain damage and exacerbation of other injuries this may have caused
and/or still be causing to her by causing all of her medical care to be
abruptly cut-off.

4. Nationwide's claims representative, Charles Law, then began engaging in
harassment and elderly and adult vulnerable disabled abuse in violation of
Florida Statutes Sec. 415.1111 and 825.103 of myself and my 91 year old
mother, Yolanda Petra no, (and thereby of Mary) by repeatedly telephone
our house, demanding that I "take power of attorney over Yolanda" to sign
off on Mary's UM claim to settle it without any notice to Mary or
authorization whatsoever from Mary and while he knew Mary was the
person injured in the auto accident not myself or my elderly mother. Mr.
Law's intimidating and coercive acts against myself and my elderly mother
to try to destroy Mary's claim to receive payment under the UM policy for
her necessary brain injury medical care and treatment appeared to be forthe purpose of extorting a low ball settlement from Mary without her
knowledge or consent by committing elderly and disabled abuse upon us
(and her).

I declare under 28 U.S.c. Sec. 1746 that the foregoing is true and correct to
the best of my personal knowledge and belief. Executed this 8th day of June,

Donna Ross, Declarant"


[1] I have not been able to find any editing feature to make the scan copy fit properly onto the blog post page, and apologize to readers for the way the text wraps around on the Declaration copy.

Note: The Declarant's signature can be seen HERE:

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