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My Response as an Adult With Autism To Florida Bar's Autism Discrimination Against Me & Refusal To Require Specific Autism Training For Its Lawyers

I am going to publicly post a three-part post, this being part I, detailing and describing how specific Autism discrimination fueled by the Ignorance and prejudice of The Florida Bar and Florida's State Court system are inflicting vast genetic, physical, neurological, and bullying injuries on children, adults, and families with Autism living in or visiting the state of Florida.

In this post, as a result of my Autism AAC computer Internet communication device continuing to be hacked, my Security Key hacked, and my posts obliterated as I am trying to post them to prevent me from posting about the Autism civil and humans rights abuses going on in Florida, I am first (in order of sequence) posting my reply to The Florida Bar of this morning, and in Part II I will post The Florida Bar's response (pathetic excuses) as to why it does not need to be open-Government about its deliberate and intentional refusal to require ALL lawyers its licenses to undertake specific certified Autism education and training that gave rise to my reply.

Here is my reply to "Jenny Jolinski" , public records custodian of The Florida Bar relating to my inquiry for the specific Autism training the lawyers in the Dykes case suing the state of FLorida over its Medicaid developmental disbaility wait list have undertaken to be competent pursuant to Rules regulating The Florida Bar 4-1.1 to serve the Autism plaintiff class in that lawsuit of which I am entitled to be a member (my reply was written in pastel lavendar, further typos corrected here):


"Corrected typos of e-mail reply I just sent you, because I cannot read black & white print due to my Autism, temporal lobe epilepsy, synesthesia, and North Carolina Macular Dystrophy type vision disabilities -- and your correspondence with me in black & white colors violated my Title II ADA civil rights meaningful access formats for effective communication.


Thank you for your response.

However, given that Autism is now being ascertained under the latest genome scientific research as involving Ashkenazi Jewish descent [e.g. Somali Autism cluster studies], rate of 1 in 38 people, appx. 500 gene expression differences in the frontal and temporal lobes including language areas of the brain, involves the MECP2 and Reelin genes changing neuronal migration in the brain, 27 sex-linked genes, and inability to understand 93 % of the social-Neurotypical English used by FBBE, Florida Bar, Bar members, and the Florida court system, the many people I have spoken to in the Autism community feel as I do that Title II of the ADA requires TFB to have the self-evaluation SPECIFICALLY tailored to Autism, have it NOW, and not give phony and overtly discriminatory excuses for failing to have it 21 years after the ADA became the law.

Most recently, I have seen much Autism bullying and incitement to physical violence against us in St. Petersburg, Florida, on St. Petersburg Times threads where Florida Bar members lacking the Title II ADA knowledge are outright attacking the civil rights of disabled Americans, and I have been personally Autism bullied and physically threatened with violence in courthouses, courtrooms, and elswhere by Florida Bar members you license and Laura Rush, Esq.'s supervision of Elisabeth Goodner - additionally, I now have proof Florida lawyers overseeing Alex Sink's workman's comp division deliberately suborned perjury to steal money I would have received for injuries and funneled it to the Tah Mahal Tallahassee Courthouse.

I have had one Florida Bar member advance at me in a federal courthouse to try to hit me in a courtroom, another Florida Bar member physically run at me and chase me onto an elevator to prevent me from attending a hearing in a federal courthouse, and physical threats made against me by one or more other Florida Bar members all of whom TFB's lawyer regulation REFUSES to take or meaningfully investigate Bar grievances from me because TFB REFUSES to allow AAC Autism computer Internet communication and will not accept a Grievance from an Autism person. This is TFB-facilitated, encouraged, and ratified VIOLENCE against me on account of my Autism, is a Florida Statutes, Sec. 415.1111 vulnerable adult disabled abuse (and corresponding FS 800-series felony), and a federal Autism racial - gender - disability hate crime.

I was personally subjected to Autism bullying by former Florida Bar President Frank Angones when he attacked my Autism in a Florida Bar "Outreach Committee" meeting at Florida Bar Annual Convention just hours before he was sworn in by attacking my Autism inability to hold eye-gaze [Angones specifically berated me for inability to hold eye-gaze].

I have tried to get legal representation from hundreds of Florida Bar members, but they ALL refuse to represent me because they say they lack specific Autism Title II ADA training, and in the case of John Morgan when I tried to get access to retain his law firm Morgan & Morgan for a medical malpractice lawsuit against University of South Florida, he falsely advertised that his firm would use Internet to communicate with disabled people with Autism, and then he personally turned around and refused to use it knowing I have a MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION that Internet is the only way I can communicate independently and without assistance.

During 2008, right after I suffered an auto accident brain injury I recently learned that the reason TFB's own lawyer Thomas M. Gonzalez, Esq., Michael Soifer, Esq., and Hon. Stanton Kaplan denied my Title II ADA Autism effective communication accommodations WITHOUT EVEN TAKING THE MEDICAL EVIDENCE OF MY DISABILITY was to try to force me to enter a toxic mold infested courthouse in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit knowing at least one Circuit Judge there DIED of the toxic mold poisoning, which can inflict physical epigenetic damages on the underlying DNA of people and their offspring.

Several months ago, TFB sent an investigator to stalk me onto my property in Alachua County, walked right into my home without any notice, and without ANY Autism specific training that this would be an attack on my Autism repetative routines and sameness needs. He also did not come qualified or competent to use an AAC Autism communication computer. When I requested Autism-specific language AAC Internet computer communication methods under Title II of the ADA, TFB lawyer regulation REFUSED to take my Bar grievance complaint (42 U.S.C. Sec. 12203 retaliation for making an Autism accommodations request).

Now you MIS-QUOTE the relevant ADA regulation demonstrating you have NO Title II ADA training and appear to lack competence as a lawyer because of it by mis-citing 28 U.S.C. Sec. 35.105 as " 28 C.F.R. §105" and REFUSE to provide me ANY Title II ADA Autism specific self-evaluation done by TFB more recent than the 2003 one Paul Hill sent me admitting it was not in compliance.

I am not amused, I have reserved my legal right under the England case to return to federal court to sue TFB again over its blatant lack of Autism specific Title II ADA training, and this time should I do so, I will most certainly proceed against Paul Hill in both his individual and official capacities - notably, Eleventh Circuit Judge Charles Wilson wrote in 2005 that I could pursue individual capacity damages under Tennessee v. Lane, US 2004 against Hon. Chris Altenbernd of the Second DCA, so I am certain they would also be allowable against ANY Florida Bar member policy maker official of TFB.

It is my personal opinion and cause for a request for injunctive relief to ask a federal court to take Brown v. Bd. of Educ. type supervision over TFB to end its Autism Apartheid illegal Autism segregation and Autism bullying policies. I have been tipped off on my FB page and Twitter that TFB is involved in the cyberbullying and threats being made against me since 2003 on account of my Autism.

I will have a follow-up public records request, a Florida government tort claim against TFB, and you are well aware the Florida law you have cited me is specifically pre-empted as to my paying any cost for those records by 42 U.S.C. Sec. 12201(b), 28 C.F.R. Sec. 35.130(f), and Barry v. Burdines, Fla. 1996 (Florida law in conflict with the ADA is subject to federal preemption). As a result, I am requesting the specific Autism and Title II ADA related information I previously requested that you have refused to provide me for each and every Bar member and individual CLE, I do not have any obligation to pay for those records pursuant to 28 C.F.R. Sec. 35.130(f), and I am prepared to take this to court, if necessary to get those records.

I am also going to start posting on my blog about the Autism abuse, Autism bullying, and lack of Autism specific Title II ADA training pervading The Florida Bar to inform the entire Autism community across the United States and elsewhere around the World. Title II of the ADA, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar 4-1.1, and the 14th Amendment due process clauses ALL entitle me to have specifically-AUTISM trained individuals handling all matters involving me at all times concerning TFB, Bar members it licenses, and access to Florida's Court system. Not ONE Florida Courthouse or even your Tampa TFB lawyer regulation office is Autism sensory and accoustic accessible - they trigger temporal lobe epilepsy seizures in violation of Title II of the ADA.

In essence, your response equates to Autism people having NO access to any TFB service or Florida Court because we are regarded as sub-human and inferior people who are not deserving or respected to have the same equal rights as everyone else.

That is unacceptable everywhere in the Autism community.

Mary Katherine Day-Petrano

cc. David F. Petrano, Esq."

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