Friday, June 24, 2011

My Updated "Autism Gang Bullying Policy" Public Records Request On The Florida Bar

In response to the e-mail I received from The Florida Bar Record's Custodian copied to Their General Counsel, Paul Hill, captioned:

"From: Jenny Jolinski
Subject: Public Records Request -- Day-Petrano 2011/05/25
To: "Mary Day-Petrano"
Cc: "Paul Hill"
Date: Friday, June 17, 2011, 10:50 AM,"

I made a more specific, further Title II Americans With Disabilities Act public records request today for The Florida Bar's "Autism Gang Bullying Policy" Applicable to Florida Lawyers They License Who Engage In Gang Autism Bullying and how the policy applies to Attorney Discipline to make the Autism bullying stop:

"Pls. provide me SPECIFICALLY The Florida Bar's Autism Bullying Policy including how it is providing group gang bullying Bar discipline complaints to be filed against multiple lawyers in ONE complaint, rather than breaking such Autism bullying complaints up into separate individual complaints that are not compliant with Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act to address Florida Bar lawyer gang Autism bullying. Paul Hill informed me he KNOWS the Florida Bar's Title II ADA self-evaluation is currently non-compliant and must be updated for the Amendments to the ADA and given that ALL public entities are being REQUIRED to have gang Autism bullying policies, he KNOWS the new self-eval as well as lawyer gang Autism bullying complaint forms and procedures MUST be compliant with that.

I wish to file an Autism gang bullying complaint against Florida lawyers at this time. By definition, a gang is not an "individual" complaint againt an "individual" lawyer. I am in imminent safety threat to my Autism well-being for every day I am barred by Autism barriers existing at The Florida Bar from filing this complaint.

If you do not provide me the requested public records, I will regard The Florida Bar's failure as a declaration against interest under Florida and Federal Rules of Evidence that lawyers it licenses are engaging in gang Autism bullying and that The Florida Bar has NO Title II ADA compliance to make it stop thereby placing people with Autism at physical safety threats of injury and harm from Florida lawyers it licenses and has respondeat superior liability.

Thank you kindly,

Mary Katherine Day-Petrano"

I will share The Florida Bar's response with the Autism Community on this blog and keep everyone updated.

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