Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Letter to My Husband Regarding The Florida Supreme Court Wacking His Law License To Target My Autism Vaccine Injury - PATHETIC

I am posting the letter below that I wrote to my husband, copied to the Media who defamed me with malice:

"Excuse me, but you are not using my confidential client information against me are you ? You were my lawyer, until The Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court's ADA retaliation and reaction to WCJB ABC TV-20's maliciously defamatory newscast caused them to wack your law license. 

The Florida Bar is the same organization that ADMITTED in writing they cannot provide any autism vaccine injury victim with a lawyer competent to represent that victim who is specifically trained in autism and Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act. You were the only one. 

THAT's why they wacked your law license -- The Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court want to MAKE SURE autism vaccine injury victims can't get a lawyer to sue for the compensation we need to pay for our autism vaccine injuries and lifetime care. That's about as pathetic and unacceptable as South Africa making all the blacks live in Soweto. Don't you think ?  

I don't know ANY Court that would not suspend a lawyer if they heard a newscast say he "filed 120 frivolous lawsuits," and I am very well aware the Florida Supreme Court does not check the actual facts before it unloads punishment -- especially if it is on a disabled person and one that dares to raise Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

In fact, punishing people with disabilities simply for requesting Title II Americans With Disabilities Act reasonable accommodations is ALL the Florida Supreme Court does. They don't care if a blind person can actually see the pleadings, orders, and notices before they deprive that person of life, liberty, and property without due process of law.  

Judge E.J. Salcines ADMITTED none of Florida's judges or justices ever read the United States Supreme Court case, Tennessee v. Lane, 541 U.S. 509 (2004). That's pretty bad and a horrible injustice to every disabled Floridian. 

I have EVERY RIGHT to vindicate my legal rights, and you have NO RIGHT to stop me just because I have an autism vaccine injury. I have not received ONE PENNY of autism vaccine injury compensation for support of my vaccine injury from the United States, the state of Florida, or even my deadbeat father, Kenneth Gordon Day, who is in contempt of the adult support provisions of his divorce with my late Mom for failing to pay. 

You owe me fiduciary duties, and I will not have you harm my pending lawsuits and cases on which you are my lawyer at this time just because WCJB ABC TV-20 defamed you and I, and The Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court's ADA retaliation against you to target my autism vaccine injury scared the daylights out of you.

What they did was morally wrong. Only monstrous people harm and abuse the disabled. Even my pastor told me those who are moral people help and have compassion toward the disabled. 

The last lawyer I tried to have represent me, David Ristoff, was so abusive and hostile to my autism vaccine injury, he freaked out when I was stimming, due to his complete lack of specific autism training, and abandoned me as a client, costing me thousands of dollars I should have received in the lawsuit in which he represented me.  

The only people who would say my lawsuits and cases have no merit are those who say "Autism isn't real," and "vaccines don't cause autism," and "autism isn't a disability," and those who are ignorant because they have NO specific autism training. 

If you have to whine to Jenny Jolinski, maybe you need to recognize that the Florida Supreme Court wacked your law license not for what YOU did, but for my vindication of my autism vaccine injury legal and civil rights. Retaliation for exercising ADA rights, including in response for requesting reasonable accommodation, violated my civil rights under 42 U.S.C. Sec. 12203.   

When you consider that Justice Pariente had cancer, and Justice Lewis is morbidly obese and has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, one would have to wonder where their extreme hostility to the disabled, and particularly someone with autism autism vaccine injury INFLICTED ON THEM WHEN THEY WERE A HELPLESS BABY came from.

The ONLY people who would say "make this stop," "control her," or "her autism vaccine injury lawsuits are frivolous," are the SAME PEOPLE who refuse to hear what the CDC whistleblower told Congressman Posey, that the CDC concealed scientific research that proves vaccines cause autism. 

Deal with it. 

As for those who inflicted injury on me, I have every right to sue them to vindicate my good name and reputation and recover damages for the harm they have done to me. 

Your autistic wife." 

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