Friday, July 6, 2012

Autism People and Our Families Are Sick and Tired of the Failed Autism System in this Country - it is a MASSIVE Human Rights Violation

I have repeatedly read on the Internet posts of others with Autism Spectrum disabilities, our parents, friends, caregivers, and families and can say there is a general consensus amongst the Autism community that the Autism system existing in this Country is a disgrace, broken, injuring and harming Autistic people, forcing Autism families into bankruptcy, and leaving adults with Autism forced into a separate and unequal system of deprivation of medical care, housing, proper supports and funding, torture and abandonment to one of the most Barbaric systems on this Planet of any Country.

I just want to repeat the message so many before me have sent to our state and National leaders: Autistics and Autism families are are sick and tired of your toxins and vaccines causing millions of Americans Autism, failing to pay for the medical damage inflicted on us, and throwing us into an Autism Apartheid where we are run out of our homes, communities, and involuntarily forced into a ghoulish choice between cradle-to-prison or cradle-to-institution or a life of oppression and restrictions on our liberty, Freedom, and self-determination imposed by our elected officials and our Courts. 

This Autism Apartheid separate and unequal caste system needs a paradigm change - it is a MASSIVE human rights violation.

We are entitled to have our Government pay for our Autism vaccine injuries and funding and supports assistance to us and our families. Beyond that, we have the right to have our Government get out of our lives and leave us alone. NO Government official should EVER be allowed to bring law enforcement and entrapments against Autistic people who cannot defend ourselves due to the neurological scene of Devastation your toxins, poisons, and vaccines left our lives. 

Especially to cheat your way out of paying for the toxins and vaccine damage you have done to us and our families. We are Americans you damaged. 

Haven't you Government officials done enough to Autistic people and our families already ? You should ALL be ashamed. 

Autistic people have the right to bodily integrity and self-direction. We have the right to equality. We want inclusion, not a hostile environment looking for every possible excuse to exclude us, segregate us, and deny us our rights. 

If our Government bothered to count all of us on the Autism Spectrum and our families and carers, we would be a VERY large group of Americans.

That's why the selfish people don't want to pay for what they have done to Autistics and our families. It boosts the profits and number of Mansions the selfish people get to have and their power and social prestige. 

You can put down the defenseless Autistic person, but you can't stop the idea we have certain inalienable rights.  

That idea will live on. 

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