Sunday, August 24, 2014

If ANYONE has ANY knowledge of my daughter's whereabouts, contact information, proof she is alive, safe, and okay, PLEASE contact me

I am asking anyone with any knowledge of the safety and whereabouts of my daughter, Michelle Dewitt Morgan (maiden name, Snyder) (nickname, Shelly), to please contact me. I have sufficient researched information to believe the investigators for Nationwide and its law enforcement / investigators may have harmed my daughter.

I last heard from my daughter, Shelly, in early January 2013. Her last words to me were "I have to change a diaper, I'll call you right back." I have not heard from her since and I do not have any personal knowledge that I can believe to prove she is even still alive.

Her addresses connect to someone by her name in the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator, but it has twice been altered in that database to change the race and the date of release, yet my daughter's addresses show it is very clearly her listed as being at a particular Federal correctional location.

In addition, my daughter's most recent three addresses have disappeared and been expunged from the databases where I had located places that came up under a search of her. Those addresses no longer exist in the databases. I have cross referenced several times over her addresses and locations.

My daughter's last known address I can prove is at an address in California where she told me she got in some trouble from her landlord reporting her to authorities for the condition of her home in which her very young children lived. That was on or prior to her disappearance of early January 2013.

I am also being repeatedly hacked and sent Internet messages that my daughter was arrested, had her children taken away, and/or suicided. I don't know who is doing this hacking to me.

All of my daughter's Internet accounts where she had a small business and posted things abruptly stopped around early January 2013, and there have been no more postings, and some of the sites have been taken down or are no longer in service.

There are a couple so-called "new" postings allegedly by my daughter, but it is not her writing, not her style of writing, and not how she would write or say things, so I am pretty well certain these newer postings are fake.

Among some of the newer postings, the claim is that she moved to St Simons Island, Georgia, and I was on a site that was being hacked as I was viewing it, in which she had a supposedly new address listed on St Simons Island; however, that address has now been expunged from that database, and no longer exists. Several cross-referenced searches reveal there is no address listed for her anywhere in Georgia.

I believe foul play may have happened to my daughter, and I want to know who has her children, my granddaughters, because since my daughter's disappearance in early January 2013, there have been NO pictures posted of her WITH her children that are verifiably recent and show she is still alive and her children are with her.

If ANYONE has ANY knowledge of my daughter's whereabouts, contact information, proof she is alive, safe, and okay, PLEASE contact me.

I know my daughter, and I know she would not go more than a couple weeks without calling me. She has always needed me and has always called in regularly.

I need to know what happened to my daughter, her husband, who also cannot be found at any address with my daughter or any current address, and my granddaughters.

Considering the shootings at me by my neighbors, the killings of my farm cats and dumping of one over my fence, and other attacks on me and the farm animals, I fear for the safety and well being of my daughter.

PLEASE, ANYONE with any information, PLEASE contact me.

I will be posting this same message all over the Internet on multiple sites and repeatedly, until I have proof my daughter is still alive and has not been harmed.

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