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AUTISM APARTHEID: Wiping Out Autistic Families and Indigenous Autistic Culture By Taking Their Children To Be Raised By Others Not Of Their Kind

This is a blog post about the Autism Apartheid and Autism abuse by the state of California that has crossed state lines into the state of Georgia, and resides on St. Simons Island. I am talking about the California “family law” courts that engaged in systematic Autism abuses of removing the biological children of Autistic parents without any findings of parental “unfitness” to give Autistic parent’s children to non-Autistic NeuroTypicals to raise as part of the ethnic cleansing and wiping out of Autistic families and culture – no different than the human rights violations the United States perpetrated on Native American Indians and African Americans in its historical past.

Today, America is awakened to the FACT Autistic people are dramatically increasing in population numbers, tend to engage in “assortative” mating with our own kind, and have our own Autistic beliefs, language, and culture. This is precisely what the “Core Curriculum,” “standardized testing,” and American legal system built “by and for” non-Autistic peoples is designed to eradicate. No different than eradicating Native American peoples or breeding African American slaves and selling their children off to become the property of others.

It IS an Autism Apartheid, and it IS an oppressive and offensive system that has no place in any enlightened civil society.

In my life, my peers and I who are Baby Boomers born during the 1950s, were faced at every part of our lives with: ignorance about our Autism, lack of early interventions or, indeed, any programs or services to help us that way they exist today, forced “normalization,” extreme punishments by almost everyone for our Autistic traits, language, and behaviors, American courts bent on sterilizing us, and if we managed to escape that fate, then professional licensing associations bent on making sure we are denied any way to earn a living while our biological children were taken from us and given to others not of our kind to raise.

All of this systematic Autism Apartheid and abuse to ENSURE Autism be stopped dead in its tracks, eradicated, to stop Autism from “kidnapping” the opportunities, jobs, and housing designed for non-Autistic peoples, and their “American Dream” (that did NOT include Autism).

My father, Kenneth G. Day, was a Korean War veteran and worked most his life for IBM, yet he could not escape the chemical effects tainting his fathering of an Autistic child, me. My step-mother, Nancy Raines Day, is a non-Autistic NeuroTypical, whose father, John Nelson Raines was “groomed for perfect things” according to her testimony in the California “family law” “Child Custody” evaluation she and my father paid to have performed in a “grandparent visitation” lawsuit they brought against me in 1993 – after I had sole custody of my only biological child for 15 years and had raised her according to my Autistic ethnicity, language, culture, and beliefs. My step-mother, Nancy Raines Day, is a famed “children’s book” author, who has published numerous “children’s books” going to morality being taught to hundreds of children through her books, see HERE:

During January 1992, my step-mother Nancy Raines Day sent my 
father Kenneth G. Day to my home, unprovoked, to “take” my biological child without my permission and they kept her for over 6 weeks. The Sonoma, California Police Department wrote a police report recommending my father be charged with child enticement, a form of child abduction, in violation of my California “family law” court custody orders.

My pastor from the St. Francis Solano Catholic Church in Sonoma, California recommended I go to my father and step-mother’s house, where they had freely given me a key to walk in, and inform them I was taking my daughter home. I am an adult with Autism, so I do not have the ability to know when I am being told to go into a dangerous situation, and I cannot read social language or body cues, but remain true to my immutable inherent Autistic nature and follow the literal language of the instructions I was given by my pastor.

When I went to my father and step-mother’s home on the evening of March 25, 1992, used my key, and walked in and told them I was there to take my daughter home, both my father and step-mother immediately physically charged at me in a very aggressive manner, and my step-mother, Nancy Raines Day, grabbed my arm and held me for my father, Kenneth G. Day, to physically beat and bash my head about 40 times into the walls of his house. 

Because of my Autism and Autistic differences, my step-mother, Nancy Raines Day, had previously called me “the black sheep of the family” (invidious motive to harm). Nancy Raines Day is the “children’s book” author preaching her non-Autism morals to hundreds of American children, and I doubt she disclosed to her book publishers how she and my father tried to murder me that night simply because I am an Autistic adult – the same way so many other parents of Autistic children and adults have attempted or succeeded in murdering their Autistic children.

My father and step-mother, Nancy Raines Day, who my husband calls “Ms. Children’s Book,” inflicted a significant brain injury in me to the point (on the outside) there was a 4x4 cm contusion on my head and appx. 1/3 of the hair on my head had been torn out by them.

But, as we continue to see across the United States, the American legal system built “by and for” non-Autistic peoples that is designed to eradicate all Autistic indigenous rights, was more interested in the fact I, an Autistic woman, had been raising my own biological child in Autistic ethnic, language, culture, and beliefs than the FACT my father, Kenneth G. Day, and step-mother, Nancy Raines Day, attempted to murder me (and almost succeeded) to “take” my biological daughter away from me simply because of my Autism. 

As soon as they had “taken” 5 days per week with my daughter away from me under the guise of a “grandparent visitation” under official court approval (after the beating of me), my father and step-mother “Ms. Children’s Book” immediately terminated my daughter from her private Catholic school, changed her religion, changed her friends, and basically eradicated and wiped out her Autistic indigenous inheritance.

Today, we see many protests and Autism organizations lobbying Congress to change these Autism Apartheid atrocities. For example, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (“ASAN”) has issued a “Position Statement” regarding stopping the precisely the kind of Autism “family law” court abuses I endured personally, see HERE:

“Family Law and Relationships
The Right to Have a Family
One of the most pervasive forms of discrimination against people with disabilities has come from those who use stereotypes and faulty science to deprive us of the right to have a family, to marry, and to raise children on an equal basis with all other citizens. Although the eugenics movement and the resulting involuntary sterilization of numerous people because of their disabilities may be the most widely known example of the harm caused by such attitudes, the closely related prejudice that those with disabilities are inherently unfit as spouses or parents has caused many Autistics and others to be deprived of parental rights and discriminated against in divorce and child custody cases, based on stigma and stereotypes rather than evidence.
Opposing False Claims
In recent years, some psychologists and others have for reasons of personal financial gain promoted false claims that Autistics are unsuitable for family life and inevitably cause harm to romantic partners and family members. These claims have no support whatsoever in the scientific literature. In some relationship workshops based on these ideas, the participants are encouraged to blame their Autistic partner for problems in the relationship and to buy books, counseling sessions, and other products and services that are presented as necessary to their emotional healing. These ideas have led to attempts to influence social workers and family law courts to remove custody of children from Autistic parents and to discriminate against Autistic adults in other family law settings.
Ending Discrimination in Child Custody
Because there are so many prejudiced ideas about disability that affect family life and relationships, Autistic victims of domestic abuse are likely to fear discrimination and the possible loss of their children if they seek protection from the abuse. They may remain silent even when their lives are in danger. Laws prohibiting discrimination in child custody matters are needed, along with educational efforts to dispel unfounded myths and prejudices. This will ensure that Autistic parents and other parents with disabilities will not have to live with such fears.”

Beyond all else, it is even more important to understand the long-term, life long impact such troubling and Dark Autism hatred and thoughts as the California “family law” courts and my father and step-mother, Nancy Raines Day” perpetrated on me as an Autistic adult American – I am now treated to seeing almost weekly postings made by my biological daughter of my two grand-daughters (one of whom looks like me and the other of whom looks like my late mother) containing background effects showing that my father and step-mother are now involved in raising my biological grandchildren to FINALLY eradicate all Autistic indigenous ethnicity, language, culture, and beliefs and wipe out the immutable inherent nature of an Autistic people.

I have not heard from my biological daughter for over 1 ½ years, with the last time being a telephone call in which she ended the call saying, “Mom, I’m getting a new phone and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

I have never seen in-person or held my two biological granddaughters, shown HERE:

I did not just lose my biological daughter BECAUSE I am an adult Autistic woman. I also lost my mother who committed suicide (on my father and step-mother's front lawn) over all of this when it happened in 1994, leaving me without ANY Autism supports. There is no better way to say: "Segregation."

What I have to say to this Country is: People, you need to stop and THINK what you are doing to an entire, rapidly growing underclass of Autistic American peoples who are DIFFERENT THAN YOU, but have the same rights as everyone else – or SHOULD HAVE.

We Autistic people are ANGRY that you non-Autistic NeuroTypicals are WIPING OUT our indigenous identity and taking our own biological children and grandchildren away for purposes of ethnic cleansing.

Your American legal system built “by and for” non-Autistic peoples that is designed to eradicate Autistic indigeous identity, differences, and equal rights is SHIT.

Your non-Autistic NeuroTypical IDEAS about the worthlessness of Autistic life is SHIT.

We Autistics are people, too. 

If Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, he would surely write from the Birmingham jail that it is TIME for all Autistic Americans to make a 6 million person Autistic march on Washington, D.C. holding signs demanding this Autism Apartheid STOP and Autistics be accorded their God-given EQUAL RIGHTS.  

My daughter, speaking from her ethnically cleansed point of view (voicing the words of non-Autistic Nancy Raines Day), told my husband it was “not productive” to bring up these human rights violations and atrocities on the Autistic indigenous identity of “the past.”

Yet, EVERY SINGLE DAY, these same human rights violations and atrocities on the Autistic indigenous identity with NO REMEDY and NO REDRESS live on.

To those of you who find yourselves shocked at this blogpost, maybe you need to wrap your minds around the FACT millions of Autistic adults and Autistic child victims of your “Combating Autism” campaigns have THE SAME DEEP UNDERLYING FEELINGS REGARDING THE ANTI-AUTISM SOCIETY YOU HAVE CREATED AND MAINTAIN as I hold.

Autism is NOT “going away.” Autism is increasing rapidly, and it cannot be “aborted” nor can “designer babies” stop Autism – Autism is caused by environmental factors and even a “designer baby” will soon be epigenetically changed into an Autistic person.

Autism is increasing more than 80 % every two years in the state of Florida alone.

Before long, if the Autism Apartheid oppression is not ended, Autism will eat up every state and federal and private retirement pension in America.

Wrap your non-Autistic NeuroTypical brains around THAT.

And, when you do, ASK YOURSELF if you want to live in a divided society where YOU non-Autistic people have created a deep dislike and opposition to EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR held by a Massive Autistic indigenous population.

Because, that’s where the society you have created is headed. 

For better or worse. 

Can anyone say: Soweto, South Africa ? We have one in America today, and that's where all the Autistic people are supposed to go. 

For the Autistic indigenous peoples, there IS no "American Dream." And there is NO EQUALITY.

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