Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do The NeuroTypical Elected Officials of Alachua County Value Board REALLY Think an Autistic Person Who Can't Feed Herself Can "Overcome The Presumption of Correctness ?"

I am writing another blog post on the Autism abuses that are so pervasive in our American society practiced by NeuroTypical elected officials, this time, the elected officials of the Alachua County, Florida Value Adjustment Board. 

It has been reported to me these officials, who are members of a Title II Americans with Disabilities Act "public entity" (the name for all state and local governmental entities that are by the plain language of Congress' Act subject to comply with it), said at open public hearing today 'Title II of the ADA has nothing to do with us.' 

These same officials also calculate Florida property taxes by the following scientific method: 'Well, the property appraiser dropped it.' Yes, you brilliant rocket scientists - but does that mean it is what the property's actual valuation is ? 

The officials did not want to hear from this Autistic gimp, because after the Alachua County Value Adjustment Board was directed in writing by Florida Dept. of Revenue that (1.) they "shall" comply with Title II of the ADA, and (2.) that the ADA pre-empts conflicting Florida law, the officials removed the Title II ADA effective communication reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications they previously provided to me on numerous occasions over the past 2 years, and did so to make CERTAIN I would not be able to be heard. 

Yeah !!! Brillilant thinking officials - if you use the removal of medically necessary reasonable accommodations as means not to hear from an Autistic property owner, (light bulbs are going off in the Neuro-Typical officials heads), the County can do a Takings of property without due process of law or paying just compensation !!! Yeah !!! Brilliant idea, and so much in the favor of stuffing the official money coffers full while budget cuts are hampering the County. 

But even better, these Alachua County Value Adjustment Board officials are so hip on Autism, even more so than the Autism doctors at Yale, that they believe a severely Autistic adult who cannot feed herself is capable of "overcoming the presumption of correctness" such that her failure to do so can be assigned as "cause" to tax her worthless property to the HILT -- just like her failure to be able to feed herself, if it should result in her starvation, can be assigned to her as "cause" of her death. 

RATIONAL thinking. 

Rational Alachua County Value Adjustment Board officials always think rationally - so much so, they say three properties that: (1.) have marketable title that allows the ability for mortgage refinancing, (2.) have easements for right of legal ingress and egress, (3.) do not involve the daily risk of death from being smashed to smitherines by a CSX train, and (4.) do not face CSX double trackage being laid by taking a chunk of their front field, is "comparable" to our property that (1.) lacks marketable title and cannot obtain mortgage refinancing, (2.) has no easement for right of legal ingress and egress, (3.) involves daily risk of death from CSX train collision that has killed one woman on our CSX railroad crossing already and the Fed Ex driver two crossings up the road in the same locale, and (4.) faces CSX double trackage being laid in the near future that will take a chunk of our front field. 

When the Alachua County Value Adjustment board officials today were rationally analysing the "comparability" on the above facts, one official remarked about the Fed Ex driver smashed by a CSX train in torrential rains who was dragged 1-2 crossings South before the train could stop, and was WIDELY publicized in the news, "Well, did he commit suicide ?"

RATIONAL thinking !!! It is alive and well in Alachua County Value Adjustment Board officials !!!

It seems, however, that the only RATIONAL person at the Alachua County Value Adjustment Board hearing today was the Property Appraiser and his attorney, Val Bates - when Hubby asked: "Who here knows what Title II of the ADA is ?," Val Bates said "I do."

THANK GOD someone had a rational, thinking brain today.

But that does not mean the valuation of the property is accurate. 

How is trivializing the value and worth of an Autistic person's and Autism family's lives by attributing all CSX railroad crossing deaths as 'committing suicide' a proper basis for valuation of real property for property tax purposes using "comparable" properties that do not have the property attribute of having to cross a CSX railroad crossing every day ?

Yeah, I would like to see the statute for that. 

And why do NeuroTypical officials in our government THINK they can get away with these kinds of affronts to the Autistic people ? 

Because they still think we are retards too stupid and undeserving to know the difference.

These indignities, separate and unequal, and unjust mistreatment is really no different in kind than the similar way Autism parents are treated every time they try to get our public schools to give their Autistic child a Free and Appropriate Public Education ("FAPE") through compliance with a proper IEP.

I KNOW Autism families everywhere can identify and will know what I am talking about. 

It is just not right to single out a discrete and insular minority class of Autistic people and make them perpetuated at the bottom of a segregated American caste system.      

On another note, does Fed Ex know the Alachua County Value Adjustment Board just defamed its driver, Martin Beckles, by innuendo saying he dies crossing a CSX railroad track 'by committing suicide ?'

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