I cannot read what I am being sent. I cannot do what I am being asked to do. I am filing a judicial misconduct complaint for failure to properly accommodate my severe Autism and brain injuries objective on my five brain scans or appoint me a lawyer to help me. I am also going to show up and file objections to every career advancement or reappointment for this Magistrate that occurs in the future. I regard the actions of the Magistrate to be asking me to ensure domestic violence in order to comply with his orders, and a ratification of the domestic violence against me and therefore sexual harassment. I am filing this e-mail with my judicial misconduct complaint I will be filing.

I have been severely disabled since birth. I cannot even prepare my own meals. My husband has been my caregiver since I came to Florida. Before that, my mother and my daughter were. I am also sending this e-mail to the relevant Congress (House and Senate Committees) on Autism, Social Security, and the Judiciary. I am making a United Nation's Complaint against the United States for leaving me severely disabled without funds for food, shelter, medical care and committing torture and threatening genocide upon me -- and I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG TO EVER DESERVE TO DIE. 

I declare this is true and correct pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1746. Executed this 4th day of October 2012.

s/Mary Katherine Day-Petrano