Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Adult Autism Human Rights Complaint Against the United States I Filed With The United Nations

Mary Katherine Day-Petrano
11502 SE US Hwy 301
Hawthorne, Florida 32640
Cell (727) 808-0446 (my husband)

Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Human Rights Council Branch-Complaint Procedure Unit 
OHCHR- Palais Wilson
United Nations Office at Geneva 
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland 
Fax: (41 22) 917 90 11

 October 4, 2012


I have Autism. I don’t know how to state my Complaint like others can. So I am going to say it the only way I can communicate. I have severe Autism and brain injuries. When someone tells another that a person has Autism, it is informing that other person that the Autistic person may have extreme problems communicating our needs.

If I need to provide more details, I am asking for the assignment of someone trained in Autism to help and assist me to state my complaint so I can access the ability to communicate as required by the rules that apply. I can only communicate electronically and in this shade of colors, and I have an extremely difficult time being able to communicate in more than 140 character blocks of text. This is due to my Autism and brain injuries.  

The United States under the current Government and the Governments heretofore existing, have been carrying out a systematic torture and genocide upon the adult Autism population in the United States. This is what numerous state actors have done to me personally:
1.)   They have refused to specifically train ALL government officials in all branches of the United States government and state government in Autism, and especially how it affects adult women with Autism, and as a consequence;
2.)   The government of the United States has left me as a severely Autistic brain injured person with no financial or other means to pay for food, shelter, and medical care I require to sustain my life for over 55 years – I have been left with a broken finger, severely deformed crippled foot, and severe brain injury with NO access to ANY medical care and judicial and executive officers of the United states refuse to assist me to get this access or to help me stay in my home where I am safe from harm;
3.)   The government of the United States has denied and continues to deny me all access to the disability benefits I need to stay in my home, for supports and services to my Autism and brain injuries, continues to dismiss all petitions I try to make for help, refuses to appoint anyone to assist and help me, and has essentially sentenced me to starve and die because I am Autistic.
4.)   When I try to complaint and assert my civil and human rights under the protection of Treaties the United States has already become signatory to and ratified (ICCPR, CAT, Convention against Genocide), various government actors retaliate against me and subsequently many of them become promoted in their careers.
5.)   I have repeatedly asked the United States Attorney General for help enforcing my rights. No one will help me. They do not even seems to understand what Autism is.
6.)   I am not alone – there are approximately 3.5 million adults with Autism in the United States suffering like me.
7.)   My Country caused my vaccine injuries when I was about 15 months of age, and brought me to full-blown Autism. My government has refused to provide any means accessible to adults with Autism to directly be provided with compensation, funding, medical care, and to be able to stay in our homes and live in freedom in response to causing these injuries. I was genetically susceptible to vaccine injuries due to my Jewish ancestry. 
8.)   My Autism and brain injuries are lifelong severe disabilities. I am not stupid, but I also cannot effectively communicate with anyone unless they change the way they are communicating with and providing access to adults with severe Autism and brain injuries throughout the United states and state governments, and most especially the United States Courts where the judicial officers are trained only to carry out severe punishment upon adults with Autism, deny us access, take away all of our needs, try to lock us up for no other reason than being Autistic, and sentence us to death – and I do not know what I ever did wrong to be mistreated this way and subject to torture, cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment, or systematically swept into the genocide the United States is trying to commit upon the Autistic people.

I am aware the various human rights treaties the United States has signed and/or ratified mandate they provide me the funding, health care, governmental and court access, and someone to assist me that I need.

I am asking for a United Nation’s human rights investigation to be opened against the United States, State of Florida, and County of Alachua for violation of my human rights and appoint someone to oversee those violations of millions of other adults with Autism, and if these state actors continue in their violations, then I am asking the United Nations to deny all cooperation and relief to the United states and take sanctions and other measures against them.

Adults with Autism have every right to live in freedom with the supports and services we need to sustain our lives, and not be tortured or otherwise subject to genocide by our Country and state actors within it.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Katherine Day-Petrano   

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