Monday, July 18, 2011

White Affluent Male Bias Causes Disparate Impact Untimely Autism Diagnoses, Additional Neurological Injuries, & Autism Undercount To Minorities

I responded in a tweet-out on Twitter to a tweet of THIS article by another member of the Autism community, HERE:

The article starts off with the proposition: "Autism caused by whiteness and affluence." Id.

The article then goes on to point out the tragedy occurring to Hispanics and Blacks who receive UNTIMELY Autism diagnoses, thereby setting into motion a series of domino-like events resulting in the failure to get TIMELY Early Autism supports, thereby, as a consequence, inflicting additional neurological injuries on those with Autism.

The article describes the struggles these minorities are experiencing as a result of receiving UNTIMELY Autism diagnoses, the Autism being trivialized, and them being brushed-off, largely as a result of a lack of sufficient SPECIFIC Autism training to spot the Autism in a diagnosis. And, complains that Autism MOTHERS are STILL being blamed for "causing" their child to have Autism !

I felt this article merited my opinion and commentary -- particularly since Asperger's WOMEN also show a trend of receiving UNTIMELY Autism diagnoses due to GENDER bias. I am re-posting my tweet-out on this here for everyone to ponder.


"EquiisSavant @apps4autism The article asks some good questions. But here is what I think from research I have done, & personal experience having Autism

EquiisSavant @apps4autism Yes, Autism is largely seen in Caucasians of European and Jewish Middle Eastern descent -- susceptibility genomes

EquiisSavant @apps4autism But, Hispanics / Latinos get undercounted with Autism bcuz of ignorance of Spanish ancestry Autism genomes.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism For the same reasons Asperger's is not being properly identified for gender-biased reasons in women, ...

EquiisSavant @apps4autism ..Autism is not being properly identified in Hispanics & Latinos due2 cultural bias. There simply is NOT enough Autism training

EquiisSavant @apps4autism This results in women with Autism & Hispanics / Latinos with Autism not getting the help & supports we need.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism You ask, what about Autism in black[s] ? Checking racial categories on US Census is VOLUNTARY.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism There have been generations of interracial births now. Is an interracial child more white or more black ?

EquiisSavant @apps4autism This makes a significant difference, bcuz if you take genomes & migration, black Americans may hav EU Caucasian genes / DNA

EquiisSavant @apps4autism Or, Jewish or European Spanish ancestry. So what you see is not necessarily the genome you get.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism Somalis, for example, do hav an Autism problem ! Ashkenazi settlers at the root of it, from what I hav read.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism We call this Country "The Melting Pot of America" - an interracial mix, that includes Caucasian Autism susceptibility genes.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism But the point of ur article raises an alarming trend of Autism diagnoses being missed bcuz of racial, gender, & cultural biases

EquiisSavant @apps4autism This has a disparate impact on minority communities of women, Jewish descendants, Hispanic/Latinos, & black Americans.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism ONCE AGAIN, we see the only real group making out with timely Autism diagnoses & supports r WHITE AFFLUENT MALES

EquiisSavant @apps4autism This is Wrong- discriminates against, disadvantages, & disempowers minorities with Autism by discriminatory failure to diagnose

EquiisSavant @apps4autism Maybe I should write a blog post about this, bcuz I feel the same pain as a women with Autism as blacks & Hispanics / Latinos.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism The common denominator is the Autism genome susceptibility - not the outward appearances.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism ANY child or adult w/Autism who does not get TIMELY EARLY diagnosis & misses out on needed supports, suffers neurological injury

EquiisSavant @apps4autism The neurological Autism injuries inflicted by UNTIMELY diagnoses & supports occurs without regard to race, ethnicity, or gender

EquiisSavant @apps4autism But the problem is, there is a disparate impact of injury on ALL protected minorities EXCEPT WEALTHY WHITE MALES.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism WHERE hav we heard this age-old story BEFORE ? It pervades the history of our Country.

EquiisSavant @apps4autism And, by the way, you left out Asians -- if you read much, you will also note that China has an Autism problem, too !"

I sincerely hope my commentary will inspire the Autism community to draw together to find ways we as Americans can end the Autism diagnosis disparate impact bias that is inflicting additional neurological injuries on so many people with Autism, destroying lives and families, and bankrupting our Country by increasing the cost of lifetime Autism care and so many lost lives and opportunities.


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