Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Florida Bar's ACAP Is Refusing The Title II ADA Reasonable Accomodations Heidi Brewer (Bar Prosecutor) Granted Me As Means To Refuse To Take A Bar Complaint Against Nationwide Lawyer Trevor Rhodes for Criminal Extortion Of Me In His E-Mails Sent Over The Internet

I just filed a Bar Complaint with The Florida Bar against 

Trevor Rhodes, that lawyer who sent criminal extortion e

-mails against me to have my husband, David, while he is

 suspended for 91 days, "drop" all my pending and future

 litigations, lawsuits, cases, and claims against ANYONE (it

 would be "necessary"), involuntarily and against my will, or

 else he will "use all means possible" to make sure my 

husband David is never reinstated to The Florida Bar.

Trevor Rhodes works for Banker Lopez Gassler, P.A. law
firm in Tampa, FL and he is the lawyer for Nationwide Mutual
Fire Insurance Company, Carl Schwait, and Harold Bynum.

I have the Trevor Rhodes criminal extortion e-mails and 

would be happy to provide a copy to anyone. 

The Florida Bar's ACAP Bar complaint staff are intentionally

refusing the Title II Americans With Disabilities Act 

reasonable accommodations their lawyer regulation

prosecutor, Heidi Brewer, previously granted to me, and they

are blocking my calls to Ms. Brewer and other lawyer

regulation prosecutors from going through.  

The Florida Bar's ACAP Bar complaint staff seem more 

concerned that I cannot communicate very well with autism, 

than the fact one of the lawyers they licensed, Trevor

Rhodes, is sending criminal extortion e-mails (clear extortion

on the face of the e-mails he wrote) against a vulnerable 

disabled adult with autism which is not only a felony crime

but is also unethical conduct and a violation of Florida

Bar disciplinary rules.

I am sure that as a woman with autism, if I were raped, The 

Florida Bar and United States Attorney's Office, Hillsborough

County Florida State Attorney's Office, and the Florida

Attorney General's Office would DO SOMETHING to protect

me as a crime victim from Trevor Rhodes; so how is it so

different when the crime Trevor Rhodes committed 

against me over the Internet is extortion ?    

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