Sunday, February 19, 2012

Florida Bar Head of Lawyer Regulation Says Its Okay To Diss-Off The Americans With Disabilities Act and Disabled People

My experiences being Totally discriminated against on account of my Autism by The Florida Bar, and derivatively by numerous Bar members it licenses, is ongoing and continuing. I have much material to get up and posted relating to my earlier posts. I have been swamped with work, and have not been able to post lately. In the meantime, however, I MUST post THIS as it affects essentially EVERY disabled person in Florida.

I would just like everyone to see the ABSURD statements being made about the Americans With Disabilities Act by Kenneth Marvin, the Florida Bar's head of Lawyer Regulation (and I invite everyone to check them against materials on the DOJ ADA homepage):

"The ADA does not require The Florida Bar to mandate disability training."

"the ADA does not require The Florida Bar or any other entity to alter the basic function or nature of a particular service or function, even if such alteration would allow for greater access to the disabled."

Mr. Marvin believes that "altering" formats for blind, deaf, Autism, and other disabilities from a paper print format to braille, audio cassette, sign language interpreter, IPads, AAC e-formats to provide meaningful access is not required by the ADA.

Mr. Marvin is not just a lawyer. He is head of lawyer regulation for the state of Florida. He thinks it is not a violation of ADA civil rights to discriminate against disabled Americans.

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