Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ramifications For How An Autistic Savant Experiences The "Separate But Not Equal" World - Part I

As an adult on the Autism spectrum, I have experienced how the many different balkanized brain conditions that make up the Autism spectrum "disability" might have strikingly different results when they occur in contexts and settings outside that zone or personal "curtilage" self-controlled by the Autistic person. (The need for humans to control their own neurological environment is as indisputable and essential to survival as a Gulf of Mexico Pelican's or seabird's).

Moreover, the Autism spectrum is part of a far broader and enormous group of people known as "The Neurologically Different."

The "Neurologically Different" (hereafter called the "Umbrella Neurological Class"), is a "disability" class that includes but may not be limited to, people with an Autism spectrum condition, FOXP2 genes, spinal bifida genes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, stroke, epilepsy / TLE in its various forms, Huntington's, fibroymyalgia, traumatic brain injuries, coma-recovered people, Lou Gerig's (ALS), Frontotemporal dementia, down syndrome, Alzheimer's, Type diabetes, metabolic syndromes, sensory processing disorder, Tourette's, dyslexia, Specific Language Impairment, dyspraxia, aphasia, hyperacusia, certain types of vision loss or blindness, Lyme disease, lead poisoning, pesticide poisoning, mercury poisoning, bi-phenol poisoning in daily household products, fetal tobacco smoking increasing testosterone, Chiari malformations, and other such neurological conditions.

Many problems occur when Autism Spectrum and Neurologically Different people go outside their zones and curtilage of personally self-controlled neurological environments - for one, and the most primary and important, Autistics and the Neurologically Different inevitably encounter "The 'Separate But Not Equal' synaptic communication gap."

Non-Autistic people, who are also commonly called "Neurotypicals" in Worldwide Autism community, have extreme difficulty with Autism Spectrum and most Neurologically Different people in understanding, anticipating, "reading" the verbal and non-verbal language of, spotting the involuntary and automatic neurological-biological genetic and/or epigenetically constructed brain and body systems of, how lacking or having differences in one or more of the five-Neurotypical human senses changes a person's perception, and/or how the brain neurology differences actually change the meaning and understanding of the symbols being communicated (in a combinations and permutations manner across a grid of the range of "effectiveness" of thought tranfer between Neurologically Different people and Neurotypicals required for there to be "effective" "communication").

It is pretty much irrefutable that the state-of-the art for brain science has radically changed how we understand the Neurologically Different in the past several years.

In response to the advancing state-of-art brain science, to provide an illustration of the problem, the Head administrator of Florida's state court system, backing up a Pinellas County "human resources manager" assigned to evaluate the Neurological Differences of the above class, informed me my Neurological Differences had been accommodated under Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act because "we gave you a chair."

Every single other state and federal court, and state and federal agency I have interacted with (or attempted to interact with, but have fallen short on the shoals and rocks of Neurological Barriers), have simple informed me "that's how we do it" (translation: 'same way as always,' which can in many cases date back to the beginnings of this Republic or the state's joining the Union -- or even ELIZABETHAN LAW), and "we gave you due process" -- without explaining and matching how the Neurologically Different person's communication differences have a coupling-unit to causally link each sub-componenet of the "due process" with a bridge-unit to cross the synaptic communication divide.

The communication gap in the Neurologically Different occurs in most people at the synapse.

The synaptic communication gap is the Gulf of Mexico Oil Abyss that physically (organically) prevents the Neurologically Different person and the Neurotypical from understanding each other, because nothing can live in the synaptic gap -- just as surely as a Spaniard is not going to understand American Cherokee or Egyptian Heiroglyphics because there is no living synaptic bridge between the languages without some type of "explicit Communicative Primitive Human-Animal Translation Training" (a type of pre-lingual Thinking in Pictures / Sensory language) - or a foreign language interpreter. This is also no different than any other human<->dolphin, human<->African Grey parrot, human<->horse, human<->dog, Neanderthal descendant<->Cro Magnan descendant, or the need for other like communication process, sign language, PECs, tactile, or other "non-conventional" method that can be explicitly worked with and trained to function with the Autistic and/or Neurologically Different the same as English as a Second Language (ESL).

No matter what language is spoken or written, NONE of them can cross a non-living synaptic gap any more than humans can bring one back to life from the non-living. It doesn't matter how Neurotypicals characterize it, it does not change the laws of Nature of a Synaptic gap.

Some of the recent state-of-the art brain science research has begun to answer the age-old unsolved mathematical theorem itself: "What is a foreign language ?"

A foreign language is the software that runs on a particular evolutionarily bio-engineered brain hardware, and for each of these different types of foreign languages (otherwise known as "biological foreign language computer models"), they come with culture, race, genes, and brain gender-type already automatically installed.

Thusly, consistent with this latest state of the art brain science affecting the neurological brain science Training obligations of officials, employees, and staff by Government entities and the Neurologically Different accommodations duties of Government officials under Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act and Sec. 504 & 508, of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, recent scientific research has now demonstrated that different foreign languages reside and travel out-and-about on different brain roadways on the brain Highway system. No different than completely different locations on a Map.

And, everyone KNOWS that when people communicate in completely different foreign brain languages, a foreign language interpreter has traditionally been required to cross and bridge the synaptic gap to ensure accurate communications, mutual meanings and understandings, and "due process." Yet, somehow, Autism and Neurologically Different Spectrum language disabilities have fallen through the cracks in a broken language system.

Specific different "biological foreign language computer models" exist in almost all Neurologically Different "disabilities," the same way the different computer brands (the hardware plus the software making up the whole of the machine) are displayed at Best Buy or Circuit City or Comp USA.

This is important because (to re-interate) recent scientific research has now demonstrated that different foreign languages reside and travel out-and-about on different brain roadways on the brain Highway system. If a Neurotypical is foxhunting on off-road brain paths, while the Neurologically Different person is driving a Ferarri brain on the Autobahn, then the Neurotypical and the Neurologically Different person are traveling out-and-about on different brain roadways on the brain Highway system.

Humans cannot be one foxhunting in California and the other driving a Ferarri brain on the Autobahn (clear across Oceans, and Gulfs away from each other), while claiming with a straight-face that there is not a "communication gap." It is INCONSISTENT (as well as Impossible as against the Laws of Evolutionary Nature).

The Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Bircoll v. Miami-Dade County, 480 F.3d 1072, 1086 (11th Cir. 2007), "found that the communication with Bircoll [a deaf disabled American], 'was not so ineffective that an oral interpreter was necessary to guarantee that Bircoll was on equal footing with hearing individuals.'” The Eleventh Circuit implied that the way to know if the communication is Constitutionally "effective" so there is "equal footing" is to give it the "able to understand" Test. id. Constitutional effectiveness of speech is a First Amendment, Due Process, and Equal Protection concern since synaptic Prior Restraints and Censorshop are Constitutionally prohibited, the Government cannot Establish one temporal lobe Neurologically Different brain religion-type over others, and Neurologically Different disabled Americans cannot meet the "able to understand" test when a communication gap exists at the synapse ! As I shall show (Parts I, II, III).

"We gave you a chair" or "you can just talk" or "you did just fine" has never been scientifically proven in a Frye v. United States, 293 F. 1013 (DC Cir. 1923) or Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 U.S. 579, 589 (1993) / Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael, 526 U.S. 137 (1999) manner to constitute a neurologically-proven way to accommodate the foreign language synaptic gap in Neurologically Different "disabilities."

Those vague standards do not meet the "able to understand" Test of how to connect the synaptic gap between Neurotypicals whose communication is foxhunting in California, while the Neurologically Different are driving a Ferarri brain on the Autobahn clear across Oceans and Gulfs away from each other -- without some added type of new road and neuro-building construction.

In such circumstances, where the road connector is not constructed, "able to understand" levels of communication would defy the physics laws of nature due to impossibility.

Communication, by definition, means two humans' ability to transfer thought units having the same identical meaning between each other so they can understand, be understood, and achieve a joint mutual understanding. When there is a synaptic Gulf of Mexico Abyss-gap, no living communication can transfer biologically two ways as required for operational living computer circuits, making it impossible for communication to exist.

However, Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act goes EVEN FARTHER than merely "communication;" the ADA requires more - it requires "effective communication." Even the vessels roaming the Gulf of Mexico oil booms (inanimate objects) get more effective "personified" communication access to Government buildings and entities than the Neurologically Different people (living animate humans) who have synaptic communication gaps and are not being provided an accessible "lowering of the Draw-bridge" route to cross the synaptic communication Moat. Why is that ?

The long and short answer is because the Government building and entity "inclusion party invitations" only allow g-Intelligence people to cross the synaptic divide.

The Neurologically Different are racially, genetically, epigenetically, culturally, ethnically, evolutionarily multiple-Intelligence Indigenous people, and because of this characteristic cannot swim a Moat and need to have the Draw-bridge lowered.

Why aren't our Autistic savant and Neurologically Different "biological foreign language computer model" (brain language hardware and software Brand) being allowed to cross the Moat of the synaptic communication divide ?

Besides simply observing that Men have been Warring for all of Humanity and different strains of humans have gone to War over their Differences, I will describe in Part II (to follow) how it is for myself when there is no existing adult Autism savant / Neurologically Different brain road and neuro-building construction funded for the communication-sensory people. As the World, UK, and US Autism communities are quite aware, the "other answer" is that there is an Epidemic lack of funding for adult Autism supports and services no different than the lack of regulatory oversight over Wall Street, the Housing Meltdown, or the Deep Horizons Oil Well.

Recalling that "explicit Communicative Primitive Human-Animal Translation Training," no different than sign language, PECs, tactile, or English as a Second Language (ESL) Training, has (in lieu of an Autism foreign langage interpreter) been proven to meet the type of brain road and neuro-building construction required to overcome the synaptic "biological foreign language computer" gap experienced by most of the Neurologically Different, I hope my description of what it is like for me (Part II) to navigate the "Separate But Equal" Neurotypical World - like Odysseus, will help through enlightenment and education to bring critically needed relief to all on the Autism Neurologically Different Spectrum

I hope it will help to achieve that vital new synaptic gap communication road and building construction for all Neurologically Different people who think the existing NeuroDiversity g-Intelligence "Separate But Equal" doctrine is not Bio-Diversity multiple Intelligences "Equal." "Separate But Equal" will NEVER be "Equal" for the cortically deaf, mute, and social-English language-blind Neurologically Different.

When a Neurologically Different person with a multiple Intelligences "foreign language computer model" brain is forced by encountering the synaptic Moat to retreat back to the old ways of segregation, left to exist "Alone In Their Own World" in the "effective communication" synaptic integration process, that Autism Spectrum and/or Neurologically Different person is "Separate But Not Equal."

They are "Separate" because the synaptic gap communication road and neuro-building construction has not been funded or achieved.

Because the Autism Spectrum / Neurologically Different people are "Separate," therefore, by definition, they are not "Equal."

"We gave you a chair" and "that's how we do it," "you can just talk" and "you did just fine" enforce the "Separate But Equal" doctrine, and require synaptic bussing to remove the Apartheid.

Being "Neuro-Separate" is NEVER "Equal."

"Living alone 'in their own Autistic World'" is, indeed, "Separate" but it is NEVER "Equal."


Coming, Part II (An Autistic Savant Personally Encounters The Synaptic Communication Gap - Don't Punish A Status), Part III (What New Synaptic Road and Building Construction Do Government Entities And Others Need To Add To Overcome the Neurologically Different "Separate But Not Equal" Synaptic Gap ?), Part IV (Isn't "Curing" Autism Spectrum People Without "Informed Consent" Genocide ?), and Part V (The Fundamental Right To Cognitive Freedom And Enjoyment Of The Talents And Abilities Of Multiple Intelligences).


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