Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I am the EquiisSavant, an EquiisAutisticSavant living in Florida with an intense restrictive interest in people with autism who ride horses, play music, create savant artwork, and who believe people with autism should be accorded professional licenses and equal opportunity.

I have been diagnosed with high functioning autism and savant abilities by my neurologist, Michael Hoffmann, M.D., who is the most capable doctor I know in his ability to deal with the conundrums of persons with autism.

The art piece featured to the right is an example of my savant autism art abilities, entitled: "Dueling Male Zebras," acrylic, Apr. 2009.

I dedicate this blog to my late mother, who met Bettleheim's accusations of "refrigerator mothers" responsible for the vast waste of autism, by obtaining a teaching credential, studying special education in the doctoral programs at Michigan State University, and devoting her time to creating one of the earliest personalized autism interventions of the 1960s in support of my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer.

~ Equiis Savant

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